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The Fantasy Art of The Bard's Tale - Hrafn

The Fantasy Art of The Bard's Tale

The Bard's Tale is a fantasy computer role-playing game where the protagonist is a bard -- a type of adventurer-minstrel -- with a quintessential "rogue" stereotype and set in a Gaelic world. The game art is period and geographically appropriate, and characters are a mix of realistic and caricatured. The monsters are quite non-standard (no orcs and goblins, for a change) though not with art so outlandish as to make them look alien. This Bard's Tale fantasy game art gallery features a cutscene with the viking lord Hrafn. The first half of this mocks the fantasy role-playing cliché of suddenly animating skeletal remains into an undead treasure guardian. Further conversation with Hrafn leads to a "competition" where The Bard and Hrafn compete for draugr (undead viking) kills in the nearby catacombs. In fact this is not a competition at all--once Hrafn receives a certain number of kills, regardless of how many the Bard obtains, he ascends to Valhalla and gives the Bard a key to progress further in the game. Incidentally, the valkyrie's pose (to enhance her bust?) is quite curious.

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