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The Fantasy Art of Azkend

The Fantasy Art of the Azkend Match-3 Games

Discover the secrets of an ancient relic, and its deadly curse, using your Match 3 skills! Summon powerful lightning storms to help you clear the board, and uncover the truth behind this unknown artifact. Collect unique talismans with special powers as you progress. Travel all across Asia on your journey for a cure to your mysterious ailment, and figure out the dangerous Azkend! The Azkend match-3 game series simulates the tasks and events on a journey through a Himalayas-inspired fantasy world with match-3 symbol-chain finding games, and hidden object games at various destinations on the journey. The fantasy artwork is of beautiful vistas, though typically concealed by the menus and game board.
Azkend 2: The World Beneath is not a sequel, but a different story altogether, and features even more fantastical and epic locations in addition to significant gameplay enhancements.

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