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The Fantasy Art of Azkend 2: The World Beneath

The Fantasy Art of the Azkend Match-3 Games

Journey through the center of the Earth on a fantastic adventure in Azkend 2: The World Beneath, a captivating ride to remember. Hop aboard and take this fantastic voyage that will fill you with a sense of excitement! Play enchanting Match 3 chain levels as you explore a magnificent world in hopes of finding the exit. With three game modes, an amazing soundtrack, and gorgeous animated scenery, the world beneath will leave you breathless. The Azkend match-3 game series simulates the tasks and events on a journey through a Himalayas-inspired fantasy world with match-3 symbol-chain finding games, and hidden object games at various destinations on the journey. The fantasy artwork is of beautiful vistas, though typically concealed by the menus and game board.
Azkend 2 has an enhanced gameplay experience compared to the original Azkend, featuring more fantastic and epic vistas; a stronger emphasis on story with more frequent story events and cutscenes; power-ups drawn from elements relevant to the setting, such as binoculars, compass, and glasses; and crisp, sharp, graphics.

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