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The Fantasy Art of Campfire Legends - The Hookman

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Campfire Legends: The Hookman is a hidden object game set in a slasher-movie style horror movie. There are several good horror-movie type locations, but as no one actually dies during the game, it is more properly a suspense movie. The fantasy artwork doesn't really show up till the latter half of the game, when the characters are deeper into the horror and uncover more of the backstory.

The hidden object scenes are very well done: Instead of looking for random items amid an implausible clutter of objects, each scene presents objects that could reasonably be there, and a reasonable level of clutter. All the objects you are tasked to find are related to getting out of the horror alive.

As suspense movies go, the storytelling and direction is very good. During the hidden object scenes, you are presented with sudden glimpses of "something out there", and often, that scary something has ducked into a location you need to go. You are in this way constantly reminded of the story instead of lapsing into "yet another hidden object scene", and the frequent cutscenes keep the game a mix of short tasks and movie experience.

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