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The Fantasy Art of Clockwork Man

The Fantasy Art / Game Art of the The Clockwork Man hidden object game series

The Clockwork Man - Official Trailer from Total Eclipse on Vimeo.

In The Clockwork Man, Miranda discovers her grandfather's amazing but ethically questionable creation. Her grandfather's lab is destroyed when his greedy assistant attempts to extort the secrets of The Clockwork Man, and at the very end, we discover that he may in fact have survived even this -- setting us up for a sequel.

The Clockwork Man games are set in an alternate reality 19th century where high-tech is made possible with steam age technology and unexplained elements of the mystical. The fantasy artwork is a mix of steampunk robotics, period clothing, and exotic settings. Unfortunately, objects are strewn about various scenes in an implausible mess for the hidden object aspect of the game, although the story does try to account for their presence.

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