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The Fantasy Art of Dragon Age: Origins - Creature - Desire Demon

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Dragon Age: Origins is a beautifully rendered fantasy role-playing game with medieval European visualization for the game art direction. Combat is bloody and gruesome, filled with spraying blood and decapitation, but also stylized with special finishing blow animations. The game has various Downloadable Content adventures, items, and small expansions; and one major expansion/sequel, "Awakening".

This page of fantasy game art from Dragon Age: Origins features Desire Demons, one of the more powerful dark-emotion spirits of the dream world (the Fade). They bargain their way into freedom from the Fade by offering delightful delusions or worldly assistance in exchange for possessing a person's body. They can transform their host into a beautiful horned woman, but usually only reveal themselves this way for combat.

From Codex entry: Desire Demon:

Of all the threats from beyond the Veil, few are more insidious and deceptively deadly than the desire demon. In folklore, such demons are characterized as peddlers of lust, luring their prey into a sexual encounter only to be slain at the culmination. While a desire demon can indeed deal in pleasure, in truth they deal with any manner of desire that humans can possess: Wealth, power, and beauty, to name a few.

Far more intelligent than the bestial hunger and rage demons, and more ambitious than the demons of sloth, these dark spirits are among the most skilled at tempting mages into possession. Many who serve the whims of a desire demon never realize it. They are manipulated by illusions and deceit if not outright mind control, although these demons are reluctant to resort to such crude measures. Instead, they seem to take great pleasure in corruption. The greater the deceit, the greater their victory.

Only demons of pride prove more fearsome opponents when roused. Their abilities to affect the mind allow them to assume disguises and even alter the environment to their purposes, not to mention the great strength and speed they possess if they should have to resort to more physical means. Most often a desire demon will attempt to bargain its way to freedom if overpowered-many stories exist that depict mages defeating desire demons to the point where a wish can be wrested from them. It should be noted that in such stories the demon almost always gets the upper hand even when the mage thinks his wish has been granted.

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