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The Fantasy Art of Dragon Age: Origins - Creature - Archdemon

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Dragon Age: Origins is a beautifully rendered fantasy role-playing game with medieval European visualization for the game art direction. Combat is bloody and gruesome, filled with spraying blood and decapitation, but also stylized with special finishing blow animations. The game has various Downloadable Content adventures, items, and small expansions; and one major expansion/sequel, "Awakening".

WARNING: This page contains various SPOILERS for Dragon Age: Origins.

This page of fantasy game art from Dragon Age: Origins features Archdemons, specifically Urthemiel, the dragon of the Fifth Blight, the focus of Dragon Age: Origins. Archdemons are ancient dragons once worshipped as Old Gods and themselves now corrupted by the darkspawn taint. The first of them, Dumat, is said to have ultimately been responsible for the events that originated the darkspawn corruption.

When slain, the soul of an Archdemon escapes into a nearby darkspawn and uses that body to remake its own, thus rising again and again.

From Codex entry: Abomination:

The false dragon-gods of the Tevinter Imperium lie buried deep within the earth, where they have been imprisoned since the Maker cast them down.

No one knows what it is that drives the darkspawn in their relentless search for the sleeping Old Gods. Perhaps it is instinct, as moths will fly into torch flames. Perhaps there is some remnant of desire for vengeance upon the ones who goaded the magisters to assault heaven. Whatever the reason, when darkspawn find one of these ancient dragons, it is immediately afflicted by the taint. It awakens twisted and corrupted, and leads the darkspawn in a full-scale invasion of the land: A Blight.

... [The Grey Wardens'] tainted blood bound them to the archdemon, and they could hear it, feel it, as it died and was born anew, its spirit drawn to possess the nearest tainted creature. The darkspawn were mindless, soulless, empty shells of flesh that could be bent and remade in the dragon's image. But a man... a man's soul was not so malleable. When a Warden's hand struck a fatal blow against Dumat, the Old God's spirit was drawn not to a darkspawn but to the man who had slain him. In that moment, the souls of both the Warden and the archdemon were utterly destroyed. And the dragon rose no more. The Blight was over.

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