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The Fantasy Art of Dragon Age: Origins - Creature - Ash Wraith

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Dragon Age: Origins is a beautifully rendered fantasy role-playing game with medieval European visualization for the game art direction. Combat is bloody and gruesome, filled with spraying blood and decapitation, but also stylized with special finishing blow animations. The game has various Downloadable Content adventures, items, and small expansions; and one major expansion/sequel, "Awakening".

This page of fantasy game art from Dragon Age: Origins features Ash Wraiths: A spirit that manifests a physical body from available materials (in this case, the ashes of a cremated person). Ash Wraiths in Dragon Age: Origins have an origin closely tied to the martyr and saint Andraste. A theory on the ritual may be discovered during the game if the Warden can light the Holy Brazier in the Ruined Temple.

From Codex entry: Ash Wraith:

Legend has it that when Andraste's Ashes were taken into hiding, some of her closest disciples gave themselves to the fire, that their restless souls might remain to guard her final resting place forever.

Whether they are the spirits of Andraste's disciples or merely Fade spirits, the temple that houses the Sacred Urn is filled with wraiths. Created from a burnt corpse, an ash wraith is a powerful and amorphous opponent able to lash and smother while being immune to most physical attacks. Even if successfully dispersed, it can reform at a later time. Magic is the only real way to fight such a creature, wind and ice attacks being the most useful.

They are capable of creating small whirlwinds that are devastating to anyone unfortunate enough to get close, and their touch leaves a person drained.

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