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The Fantasy Art of Dungeon Siege II - Boss Monster - Valdis

Baldur's Gate is a series of fantasy computer role-playing games set in the "Forgotten Realms" Dungeons & Dragons game world. It uses the Infinity Engine and Dungeons and Dragons game rules. The complete story arc is covered by Baldur's Gate, Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn, and the Throne of Bhaal expansion. The Tales of the Sword Coast expansion reveals additional areas but is not plot-critical. The Dungeon Siege II fantasy game art on this page has screenshots and cutscenes of Valdis, the final opponent in Dungeon Siege II.

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The Fantasy Art of Dungeon Siege

The Fantasy Art of Dungeon Siege II

Valdis was once a Human Prince of the Northern Reaches. Exiled for his brutality, he wandered through the desert known as the Plain of Tears and became ill. Through his feverish dreams, he was led to Zaramoth's Horns where the Dark Wizards nurtured him and bestowed upon him Zaramoth's Sword. He has convinced himself that he is Zaramoth reincarnated, and he must fulfill a destiny that was interrupted on the Plain of Tears.

Valdis' worldview is very mystical. He sees signs and deeper meaning in all things. For him, there are no coincidences or accidents in his world. He is an angry man who wants to subjugate the world to his rule. He is prone to fits of rage, and no slight, however small, goes unpunished. He is a master at holding a grudge, and finds ways to punish his enemies. Ironically, his arrogant, domineering personality makes it easy for another person to manipulate him.

Valdis is the final boss of Dungeon Siege II and must be defeated twice. Once to weaken him, whereupon a cutscene appears revealing a plot twist that sets up the sequel to Dungeon Siege II -- the Broken World expansion. He must then be defeated a second time, and at the very end, in a very specific manner in order to match up with a cutscene of his death. Why there is a gigantic Eye of Zaramoth concealed in the altar is unclear, but given the surprising plot twist at the end, we may well suspect the Azunite Scholar's hand at work.

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