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The Fantasy Art of Dungeon Siege II and the Broken World Expansion - Multiclass Skills, Spells, and Powers

Baldur's Gate is a series of fantasy computer role-playing games set in the "Forgotten Realms" Dungeons & Dragons game world. It uses the Infinity Engine and Dungeons and Dragons game rules. The complete story arc is covered by Baldur's Gate, Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn, and the Throne of Bhaal expansion. The Tales of the Sword Coast expansion reveals additional areas but is not plot-critical.

This Dungeon Siege II fantasy game art page has screenshots (or a series of screenshots) showing multiclass character skills, spells, and powers in action.

It was always possible to develop skills in all four areas of Melee Combat, Ranged Combat, Combat Magic, and Nature Magic, although this was not usually done because a divided focus meant characters proceeded more slowly toward the better skills and powers available only at higher skill development. The Broken World expansion introduced special advantages to "multiclassing" with two career paths: the Fist of Stone and the Blood Assassin. These career paths had skills, spells, and powers that were available only if characters had developed both hand-to-hand combat and nature magic (Fist of Stone career) or ranged combat and combat magic (Blood Assassin career).

In play, the Fist of Stone resembled the stereotype clerics (fighter-priests) of many fantasy role playing games, while the Blood Assassin mimicked Diablo II's Assassin, but used ranged weapons instead of melee with katars.

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The Fantasy Art of Dungeon Siege

The Fantasy Art of Dungeon Siege II

Information from In-Game Text:


Tremor: Channeling the forces of nature and stone, a Fist of Stone's melee attacks occasionally unleash a minor quake, dealing damage to nearby opponents.

Chant of Stone: Fists of Stone draw power from earth and rocks. Training in this mantra allows the Fist of Stone to focus that power to fortify his armor and increase his health.

Soul of Protection: Soul of Protection not only enhances the Fist of Stone's defensive weapon enchantments, but also gives him a chance to recover instantly after using a defensive power.

Soul of Strength: Soul of Strength imbues the Fist of Stone's offensive weapon enchantments with great strength and sometimes allows him to recovery instantly after using an offensive power.

Fast Recovery: Major setbacks do not deter the determined Fist of Stone. They can recover quickly from being knocked unconscious, allowing them to heal their companions and return to battle.

Quake: The Fist of Stone Raknor Earthdelver perfected his Tremor skill, causing it to crack the earth with even greater force. Many students learned his techniques before his passing.

Improved Fault Line: Through meditation and practice, a Fist of Stone can maintain a Fault Line longer than normal, keeping its victims stunned.

Healing Hands: Channeling life and strength through his hands, a Fist of Stone can return mortally wounded soldiers to battle within seconds.

Strength of the Mountain: Tapping into the enduring power of the earth, warriors of stone enhance both their body's strength and their mind's wisdom.

Improved Tremor: The greatest Fists of Stone wade fearlessly in to hordes of foes, causing the earth to shudder with each blow.

Groundshaker: Raknor Earthdelver was called the "Groundshaker". when he unleashed his strongest powers, the destruction was fearsome.

Shred Blood: Reckless disregard for life can have benefits, however sinister. An Assassin's ranged attacks, through malicious intent and practice, can make their victims hemorrhage blood.

Mark Mastery: Through meditation and study, the Blood Assassin can drastically increase the potency of her marks. An enemy marked by a full master is truly living on borrowed time.

Bloodsoaked Shots: To a Blood Assassin, blood has power, especially her own. With no care for the consequences, trained Blood Assassins anoint their weapons with their blood, increasing their damage.

Rune Mastery: Through combining trapping techniques of Dryad Hunters and writing techniques of Elven Scribes, Blood Assassins gain the ability to recover quickly from preparing magical traps.

Living Death: Fearless of the hereafter, an Assassin can straddle the gap between life and death. Doing so allows her to shrug off attacks, but as she slips into realm of the dead her vulnerability to fire increases. She considers it a fair trade.

Improved Weapon Enhancements: Without heed or concern for the consequences, a Blood Assassin can pursue additional power through her weaponry. In doing so, she increases the potency of her weapon enhancements.

Ignite Blood: Not satiated with causing massive damage to foes, talented Assassins have learned to very blood of their foes struck by Ravaging Strike on fire.

Improved Runes: This skill increases the radius of the Blood Assassin's rune powers: Rune of Blood and Rune of Sacrifice.

Improved Execute: Talented Assassins scoff at those whose Execute ability does not reach far enough to slay all their marked foes at once.

Grace of the Night: By fully embracing the dark path of power at any cost, the Assassin enhances both her weapon skill and magical power.

Hemorrhage: Hemorrhage increases the damage of the Blood Assassin's Shred Blood skill, making it more painful as well.


Stone Form: A Fist of Stone's initial training is only considered complete when he masters the ability to transform his allies into stone juggernauts with intimidating strength and resilience.

Earthquake Aura: Earthquake Aura causes the ground around the Fist of Stone to ripple and shake with his rage, destroying everything around him as he wades into battle.

Fault Line: A Fist of Stone need only gesture to create a Fault Line in the earth. The ground along the line trembles and shakes, stunning and pummeling any enemy that tries to cross it.

Eruption: Dark times require drastic measures. The Fist of Stone causes huge blocks of earth to rise up around him, encasing opponents in stone and inflicting tremendous damage.

Execute: Execute is a horrific finishing move that activates the marks on enemies around the Blood Assassin, rending them, cursing them, or immolating them, depending on the mark.

Ravaging Strike: With wanton disregard for her own life, the Blood Assassin pours her blood and health in to a devastating shot that rips through multiple foes in an instant, stunning them in pain.

Rune of Blood: Rune of Blood creates a deadly rune trap. The first enemy to draw near activates it. After a short delay, the rune's magic reaches out and tears the blood from everything around it.

Rune of Sacrifice: Intrepid Blood Assassins, inspired by circles of protection used during summoning rituals, have learned to create a rune that allows for augmented fighting abilities -- for a price.

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