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The Fantasy Art of Dungeon Siege II - Scenes from the Secret Level

Baldur's Gate is a series of fantasy computer role-playing games set in the "Forgotten Realms" Dungeons & Dragons game world. It uses the Infinity Engine and Dungeons and Dragons game rules. The complete story arc is covered by Baldur's Gate, Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn, and the Throne of Bhaal expansion. The Tales of the Sword Coast expansion reveals additional areas but is not plot-critical. The Dungeon Siege II fantasy game art on this page has screenshots of getting to the secret level and of the secret level itself.

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The Fantasy Art of Dungeon Siege

The Fantasy Art of Dungeon Siege II

Like many fantasy computer roleplaying games, Dungeon Siege II features a super-secret area, involving tricky tasks and being observant. In order to get to the secret area, four "Mysterious" items are required: A Stone dropped by the Loot Thief, a Token from the spoils of overcoming the tenth and final round of the Arena, a Book after tediously collecting all other in-game books, and a Bucket in a secret location. Once all four items are gathered, the party can teleport to underground ruins to begin the perilous journey through a strange area. The so-called Loot Thief is a hunched fellow who sometimes appears and is labelled "???" when very valuable treasure is left behind by defeated monsters. He sticks around only for a short time, running about the battlefield and stealing items whenever he is in contact with a party member. If struck during that time, he retreats and drops a goodie from his bag. If not defeated within his short appearance, he escapes. If he can somehow be quickly defeated, he drops a "Mysterious Stone".

In the heat of combat, you may not catch some of the (mostly) cheeky things the evil twins say when they first spot the party, and when they fall in battle. Here are the sound clips:
Evil Twin Initial Blurb Death Quip Evil Twin Initial Blurb Death Quip
Amren download Lothar download
Deru download Sartan download
Eva download Taar download
Finala download Vix download
Drevin download

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