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The Fantasy Art of Enlightenus

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Fantasy game art from Enlightenus

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Fantasy game art from Enlightenus II: The Timeless Tower

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A reclusive author has asked for your help! Travel to the mysterious world of Enlightenus and use your detective skills to track down Edgar Lee's missing novels! Explore an entirely different maze full of perplexing puzzles and intricate locks, as you collect each chapter of the missing books. This unique Hidden Object Adventure game challenges you to solve each riddle in order to escape the land of Enlightenus! The Enlightenus games are related only in their style of hidden object gameplay. Instead of a list of items to find, you are provided with an inventory of items to put into to use on the hidden object scene. These items are often as haphazard as the items that make it into each hidden object location, and sometimes it is not a matter of knowing what to look for but mousing over various objects until something likely is found: For example, it may not be obvious what to do with a golden banana until you happen to see or mouse over a golden gorrilla, which in turn may have no reason whatsoever to appear in the jungle scene. The fantasy game art is in the different hidden object scenes as well as some of the game world locations.

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