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The Fantasy Art of Heroes of Might and Magic IV - Creatures Not Aligned with Any Faction

Heroes of Might and Magic IV is a fantasy turn-based strategy game with some fantasy role-play missions. It features many classic fantasy creatures and an inventive take on factions by concept. The game art for the creatures are quite classic, but the artwork for the towns sometimes quite chaotic. Our fantasy art galleries include game art from screenshots, movies of cutscenes, and other official media.

This page has the fantasy artwork of creatures that are not part of any faction and which cannot be normally recruited in a town. Nature faction towns (Preserves) can have a "Creature Portal" that allows them to summon Leprechauns, Satyrs, Elementals, Waspworts, and Mantises. There is a hero skill that can call various perserve creatures into the hero's army every day.

There is also a "Megadragon" that looks like the Death faction's black dragon and is not for hire anywhere. It was featured as a plot creature in one of the campaign storylines.

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