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The Fantasy Art of Heroes of Might and Magic V - Neutral Units

Heroes of Might and Magic V is a turn-based strategy video game fully rendered in 3D and the game art features classic fantasy creatures in an epic world setting. The story arc is covered in the original Heroes of Might and Magic V game and two expansions, Hammers of Fate and Tribes of the East. A significant sidestory is explored in greater detail in the first-person fantasy role-playing video game Dark Messiah of Might and Magic. This fantasy art gallery shows the "neutral" units in Heroes of Might and Magic V. All factions have access to the same four war machines -- Ammo Cart, Ballista, Catapult (actually a trebuchet), First Aid Tent -- but different factions can develop different skills related to the use of these war machines. Some neutral units may thematically belong to a particular faction (e.g., the Mummy would fit with the Necropolis faction), but cannot be produced by a town and do not have a town of their own. Elementals and Phoenixes may be summoned with spells.

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Wolves are bloodthirsty and dangerous beasts of prey who attack in packs and use their abilities cleverly. Thus, if one of the stacks attacks, other stacks would surely hit the same target if they're able to reach it. Moreover, before they attack, Wolves utter a terrible howl, calling for their congeners to help. When you fight Wolves, remember that even more of them can come.

Fire Elemental
Brazen spirits of the great molten core and elementals of all that burns, these entities are protected by a potent Fire Shield. The Fire Elemental also has a ranged attack, which makes it dangerous at any distance.

Water Elemental
Like their brethren, these elementals are spirits formed of the primary matter of Ashan. The Water Elemental is doubly dangerous, being immune to all cold spells while casting Ice Bolt and Circle of Winter upon its foes.

Air Elemental
Sentient beings formed of nothing more substantial than wind and light, Air Elementals are nevertheless dangerous foes. Their familiarity with storms makes them immune to lightning, and their insubstantial form makes it impossible to retaliate against their attacks.

Earth Elemental
Solid and unyielding as the rock and soil from which they come, Earth Elementals are immune to all forms of magic.

Reviving embalmed corpses of ancient Mages are a serious ordeal for any army. Mummies can curse enemies with various spells of Dark Magic, and resurrect their allies.

Black Knight
Damned and fallen warriors, Black Knights are independent vampire warriors who have severed their ties to the Necromancer kingdom. Their eldritch attacks include the ability to curse enemy troops.

Death Knight
A terrible curse awaits those who are foolish enough to combat these Vampire lords, outcasts from the dark realm of the Necromancers. Death Knights are able to slay numerous enemies with a single strike.

Fearsome creatures with a lion's body, a dragon's wings and a scorpion's tail, Manticores are worthy opponents. In battle, they are able to overtake their enemies quickly and poison them with venom so deadly that the stuff used by the Assassins would seem liquid medicine if compared to it.

These birds of pure fire roam freely in the skies. They are powerful allies for any hero lucky enough to find their hidden lairs and enlist their support. The essence of fire makes Phoenixes very hard to hit - any attacking creature will burn in their flames. But the most amazing Phoenix ability is to rise anew from the ashes they burn down to after their death.

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