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The Fantasy Art of Heroes of Might and Magic V - Academy / Wizards - Town and Buildings

Heroes of Might and Magic V is a turn-based strategy video game fully rendered in 3D and the game art features classic fantasy creatures in an epic world setting. The story arc is covered in the original Heroes of Might and Magic V game and two expansions, Hammers of Fate and Tribes of the East. A significant sidestory is explored in greater detail in the first-person fantasy role-playing video game Dark Messiah of Might and Magic. This page shows the in-game art of towns and buildings for the Academy/wizards faction in Heroes of Might and Magic V. The overall art direction is "Arabian Nights".

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Al Safir
Al Safir is the former capital of the Silver Cities, conquered by the Undead. Powerful spells placed on it by the Mages defended it from Markal's curse, but its mighty walls now serve the Necromancers.

The desert city of Anwaar is sometimes called "the City of Lights". Its walls as well as the spires of its numerous towers are built of a quartz-rich granite and often polished or layered with silver or gold. Spells of light are used liberally to maintain the brilliance even at night. Any attacker trying to take aim against the glare risks missing by a good distance.

There's a portal near Azhar leading to the Demons' lands, and the Wizards keep it under a constant watch. The elite guards have a tradition: they make occasional bold forays into the lava pits, bringing back a few additional measures of mercury.

Fidaa's schools and universities are more than just academies for the eldritch arts, they are famous for turning out Mages who are warriors more than academics. Every year a large class of would-be heroes graduates, and their services can be had at a reasonable price.

Many years ago Elven troops came to help the defenders of Hadiya in their fight against the Undead. In memory of that battle Wizards and Druids worked together to put a powerful spell on the graves of the fallen, now every week crystals grow on the burial mounds, protecting the dead from the dark magic of Necromancers.

The port of Hikm serves as the Silver Cities' gates to the sea. The ships of many nations berth here, willing to put up with the high landing fees to get access to the rich markets of the Silver Cities. The high costs go directly into the city treasuries, where they help support the Wizards' navy.

During the War of the Broken Staff the Wizards of the Silver Cities faced a problem: their fallen warriors were being resurrected by their enemies, providing fresh troops for the other side. Following a hasty council of war Janaan started mass-producing First Aid Tents, thereby both reducing their own losses and weakening the Undead army.

Johara is known as a town of craftsmen and tinkerers, be it for children's toys or mighty military constructs. Many people come here to see the exhibitions of curious mechanical devices, the purpose of which is known only to the hordes of Gremlins who work on them.

This city of Eldritch Lore fell from power when it was cursed after the Undead invasion. It has lost its Arcane Essence and has become a stronghold of the Necromancers.

When this town was built its architect made a bet with the great mage Cyrus, claiming that he could build walls of such strength that they could withstand strikes by titans. Cleverly embedding powerful artifacts into the fortifications, the architect came out the winner.

If the thieves of the Silver League ever took over, Nawal would be their capital. For the time being the Circle of Nine turns a blind eye, permitting the thieves to operate. If the Circle ever dared to crack down, many people, messages, and artifacts would simply... disappear...

Many residents of the Silver Cities, the Griffin Empire, and Irollan keep their gold in Nudhar's safe deposits. The reason is the high interest rates paid, plus the guarantees by Nudhar's Council of Nine that the money will be absolutely safe. This has made it the wealthiest town in the Silver Cities.

Omran is the place where an unusual but important Mage competition is held -- the Golem gladiator fights. While their numbers peak during the competition and its festivals, there is sure to always be a few extra golems in training in the town.

Qays is in a heavily contested border area between the Silver Cities and the Necromancers of Heresh. As a result, the Circle of Nine has been careful to reinforce the city's Defenses. One of the measures taken is to ensure that additional Mages are part of the town garrison, ever ready to defend the walls.

The shooting towers of Sihaam are full of intricate gremlin-made machinery. Few Mages understand their principles of operation, but the results speak for themselves -- they take a terrible toll on attacking forces.

Tarfah's townsfolk don't need wood - they get all the heat they need from the hot springs and thermal vents around the town. They have to watch where they step but it's worth it, the abundance of wood is the main source of Tarfah's wealth.

The War of the Gray Alliance of the Humans and Elves against the Demons didn't spare the Silver Cities. Defenders of Thaqib had to withstand a long siege, during which they were on the receiving end of ballista attacks. Quick to learn, Thaqib built its own and now makes the finest ones in the Silver League.

Noisy and restless, Tharaa is the Silver Cities' center of trade. The town council intentionally lowered the trade tax, improving the flow of goods and guaranteeing that they would be cheaper here than in competing towns.

Yafiah is the place where Sar-Shazzar, one of the great wizards of the early days of Ashan, is said to have passed away. In the middle of town there is a monument to him, and the town defenders fight like dervishes to keep this important site out of enemy hands.

Residents of Yasaar are used to tremors in the earth. The cause of it is their unusual method for extracting ore: Wizards generate an earthquake every few days in order to bring fresh veins of ore-rich rock to the surface.

Yumn is a town of gamblers, and luck has come to be such an important part of daily life that the elders have imposed a luck tax. Few believe that tossing a coin in the old fountain costs them luck, but invading armies seem to be hit with unexpected and unwelcome surprises.

This thriving metropolis is a major center of the Silver Cities, built after the war with the Necromancers. The Mages didn't spare a single protective spell when rebuilding the town, and now it has become the most powerful of the Mages' cities.

Just as a table can only be as good as the wood from which it is made, the choice of stone makes a great difference in a gargoyle. The quarries here are famous for their plentiful stones, which are easily turned into these famed flying troops of the Silver Cities.

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