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The Fantasy Art of Heroes of Might and Magic V - Academy Faction / Wizards - Units/Troops

Heroes of Might and Magic V is a turn-based strategy video game fully rendered in 3D and the game art features classic fantasy creatures in an epic world setting. The story arc is covered in the original Heroes of Might and Magic V game and two expansions, Hammers of Fate and Tribes of the East. A significant sidestory is explored in greater detail in the first-person fantasy role-playing video game Dark Messiah of Might and Magic. This page shows the in-game creature models of troops/units for the Academy/wizards faction in Heroes of Might and Magic V. The overall art direction is "Arabian Nights".

Heroes of Might and Magic V Factions

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Creatures born as result of magical experiments on captured goblins, Gremlins are more clever and tractable than their progenitors. The most common creature in the Wizards' army, they prefer to fight from a distance using primitive projectile weapons fuelled by explosive spells. Their clumsy hand-held mortars are sturdy, and in melee Gremlins use them as metal clubs.

Master Gremlin
Gremlins that have distinguished themselves on the battlefield may be awarded the rank of Master Gremlin and taught how to repair various mechanisms such as ballista and golems.

Gremlin Saboteur
The Gremlin Saboteur's mission in life is to destroy whatever it can, making it invaluable on the battlefield. Nothing, be it golems, catapults or city fortifications, is safe once it has been targeted by the Gremlin Saboteur.

Stone Gargoyle
Gargoyles are statues of flying creatures animated by magic. Wizards treat these creatures with care, due to their ability to fly and their power to smash their foes with massive stone slabs. Stone gargoyles are immune to lightning spells.

Obsidian Gargoyle
The very substance of the more rare and expensive Obsidian Gargoyles is far more durable. It also makes them impervious to fire, cold, and lightning.

Elemental Gargoyle
The fabled properties of the Mystical Marble, from which the Elemental Gargoyles are formed, have been well documented since time immemorial. This rarest of stones is widely prized by the wizard fraternity for its unique ability to transform the properties of any natural force. Under the influence of the Elemental Gargoyle, fire, water and earth can be transformed into destructive weapons.

Iron Golem
Golems are ancient magical constructs that are used as primary battle units by the Silver Cities. Golems are armed with two long, curved swords, and their substance is their armour. Iron golems are impervious to slowing effects - they really can't get much slower - and are well protected against magic.

Steel Golem
Steel golems are carefully enchanted by their creators. They are almost impervious to magic and far more deadly than the lesser iron golems in combat, as they retaliate immediately whenever they are attacked.

Magnetic Golem
The Magnetic Golems have no fear of wizards, being immune to any kind of magical attack, and their magnetic field will protect not just the golems but anyone else in its immediate vicinity.

Some of the Wizards of the Silver Cities serve in the army. They are weak in close combat, being armed only with a dagger and unskilled at melee. This weakness, however, is more than compensated for by the power of their spells. They can fire blasts of pure magical energy that damage any creature in their way - including friendly ones. They also carry scrolls with additional spells on them.

The most powerful of the Battle Mages may be promoted to Archmages, giving them access to even more spells. Their mere presence on a battlefield slightly decreases the cost of hero's spells.

Combat Mage
In the beautiful surroundings of Khalef Oasis resides old Naef Al Majalla, the greatest general the Silver Cities have ever known. It is to him that mages come, in the hope of learning how to harness their magic powers in battle, and use it accurately against the enemy without harming their own men.

Djinns are ancient elemental spirits whom the Wizards can summon and magically bind to their person. Once a Djinn is thus bound, he cannot retreat, and will protect his master until all his vital energy is consumed. Djinns are very useful on the battlefield, but their magical essence makes them chaotic and unpredictable: They won't turn against their friends, but it is impossible to predict which spell a Djinn will use against the enemy. Spellcasting is not Djinn's sole task on the battlefield, as they can also engage in melee with their heavy scimitars.

Djinn Sultan
Djinn Sultans not only use harmful spells against enemies, but also cast beneficial spells on their friends. However, as with the normal Djinns, the spells themselves are unpredictable.

Djinn Vizier
Djinn Viziers have the power to tell the future: Anyone possessing a genie's lamp will always be lucky in battle, and his enemy will be subjected to many misfortunes. The Djinns themselves decide how to give their luck and may provide good luck to their master's allies, or bad luck to his enemies.

Rakshasa Rani
Vengeful spirits from a forgotten age, the Rakshasas have lingered on the fringes of Ashan for millennia. Thirsty for revenge, these creatures have been rediscovered by Wizard travellers who - after many unsuccessful attempts - managed to summon and control them efficiently. The Rakshasa Rani are an imposing force on the battlefield, intimidating the enemy with their multi-armed, lion-headed bodies and wickedly sharpened blades. So fearful are their attacks that the enemy is unable to retaliate against them.

Rakshasa Raja
The Rakshasa Raja is as daunting a foe as the Rakshasa Rani, but in addition has the ability to move with sudden speed when he must.

Rakshasa Kshatra
The "death spirits": that is what they call the fearsome Rakshasa Kshatras in the Silver Cities. These strong, nimble, merciless four-armed warriors take no prisoners, putting to the sword all who cross their path.

Colossi are the most powerful creatures that can be built or summoned by the Wizards. Arcane knowledge and endowment is used to create these unique living marvels, surpassing the border between machinery and real life. Each Colossus also hosts a figment of the soul of his creator. This unwavering will makes them immune to mind-controlling magic, assuring the Wizards of their unquestionable loyalty. Not fond of weapons, Colossi deal heavy blows to their opponents using their massive hands and close combat feats.

Titans are the greatest accomplishment a Wizard can dream to achieve. Like the Colossi, Titans are extremely lethal with their bare hands and immune to mind-controlling magic, but are also capable of hurling bolts of lightning over great distances.

Storm Titan
Storm Titans are unconcerned by worldly matters and gifted with god-like powers. At their command entire battlefields may be consumed by fierce storms. Woe be it to any who should find themselves the victims of their elemental fury, as lightning bolts strike down those at the heart of the storm, while wild gusts of wind sweep the bowmen's arrows off course.

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