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The Fantasy Art of Heroes of Might and Magic V - Dungeon Faction / Dark Elves - Units/Troops

Heroes of Might and Magic V is a turn-based strategy video game fully rendered in 3D and the game art features classic fantasy creatures in an epic world setting. The story arc is covered in the original Heroes of Might and Magic V game and two expansions, Hammers of Fate and Tribes of the East. A significant sidestory is explored in greater detail in the first-person fantasy role-playing video game Dark Messiah of Might and Magic. This page shows the in-game creature models of troops/units for the Dungeon/dark elf faction in Heroes of Might and Magic V. Like many fantasy games, dark elves here receive the sensual and sexy treatment, although no effort was spent to make them overly buxom.

Heroes of Might and Magic V Factions

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The main role for scouts on the battlefield is to make ranged attacks with their crossbows. They are also trained in close combat, however, and can adequately defend themselves in melee.

The main role for the assassins on the battlefield is to make ranged attacks with their deadly crossbows. Using enchanted bolts they inflict grievous, poisoned wounds on their enemies.

The dark elves have always respected assassins, but they reserve particular esteem for those killers who are masters of stealth, capable of taking their unsuspecting victims by complete surprise. The finest in this art are the Stalkers. Evading the traps, swords and spells of their foes, the Stalker will slip unseen past any guard in order to deliver the fatal blow to his target.

Blood Maiden
Blood Maidens are lightning-fast female warriors who practice a variantion of the Elven Battle Dance. They move quickly to reach their opponent, strike, and return to their starting place, all in one blur of motion.

Blood Fury
Blood Furies are the elite warriors of the Dark Elf armies. So well trained are they in their own form of Battle Dance that they can charge and evade in the same strike, preventing their foes from reacting and retaliating before they are gone.

Blood Sister
Wild and reckless, Blood Sisters believe themselves to be invincible, and are quick to attack any opponent, while deftly evading the blows of enemy blades.

Along with the other Beastmen, the Minotaurs, half-man and half-bull, were created by the Wizards of the Seven Cities as a replacement for the Orcs. They fled east and underground to earn their freedom, but they were later conquered by the Dark Elves and once again bound in chains and muzzled. In Dark Elf society, Minotaurs are used as menial labour to perform the most degrading and tedious tasks. Despite this treatment, Minotaurs are known for their bravery and dignity. They will perform any task to the utmost of their ability, including fighting for those who treat them as slaves. They hope some day to earn their freedom; the Dark Elves fear that some day, they will seize it instead.

Minotaur Guard
The greatest of the Minotaur fighters receive additional gladiator training and are rewarded by being promoted to Guards. They are tattooed with their badges of office and use deadly double-bladed axes with great skill, dealing two heavy blows in sequence.

Minotaur Taskmaster
Even slaves have leaders. Those chosen as Minotaur taskmasters command even the respect of the dark elves, for they know that these slaves will battle on to the bitter end, inspiring all those who fight alongside them to acts of bravery.

Dark Raider
Dark Raiders are the backbone of the armies of Ygg-Chall. They are well-trained armoured warriors mounted on great lizards, and ride into battle with a heavy lance and shield. Speed is their main weapon, and the damage they wreak with their lances depends on the distance over which they accelerate.

Grim Raider
Grim Raiders are similar to their less-powerful brethren. They are far more skilled, however, and their lizards are trained to bite their enemies.

Brisk Raider
Armed with mighty tridents and seated aloft ferocious and fearsome lizards, Brisk Raiders are regarded as the pride of the underworld's army. Their weapons have no weaknesses, and their martial prowess enables them to attack anyone who comes within reach on their way to their intended goal.

Hydras are another race of underground creatures tamed and enslaved by the Dark Elves. Their origins are unknown, although they seem to be related to the Dragons in spite of their very limited intelligence and lack of magic power. However, Hydras are incredibly strong, and their multiple heads can strike simultaneously at different opponents.

Deep Hydra
Deep Hydras are older than other Hydras and have six heads instead of three. This permits them to both deal more damage and strike more enemies.

Foul Hydra
Because these hydras have fed on giant acid spiders, their blood has undergone a major transformation: Even a small surface wound will cause it to boil and send a fountain of corrosive acid spurting forth. Thus, once wounded, the hydra may use its own blood to inflict harm on those who were impudent enough to attack it.

Shadow Witch
The Shadow Witches are priestesses of Malassa. They use their whips in close combat, but are far deadlier with their spells of dark magic.

Shadow Matriarch
The Shadow Matriarchs are the ruling elite of the Dark Elf armies. If pressed into close combat they use whips as weapons, but prefer to rely on their much more potent magics. The Matriarchs have more spells at their disposal than the Witches.

Shadow Mistress
Dark elves are, without exception, captivated by the beauty of the Shadow Mistresses, but few would ever risk any kind of liaison: They know that to do so can have fatal consequences, as these Priestesses are armed with fire whips, and they do not just use them in battle.

Shadow Dragon
Shadow dragons live deep in the massive caverns of the far underground. Worshipped by Dark Elf society as avatars of their Great Mother, they tolerate their worshippers and occasionally ally with them. Even a single dragon is a terrifying opponent, its breath a burst of negative energy that can lay waste to even the toughest enemies.

Black Dragon
Black Dragons are the older, more powerful siblings of the Shadow Dragons. In addition to the skills their lesser brethren possess, Black Dragons are stronger and completely immune to magic.

Red Dragon
Only a madman would consent to do battle with a red dragon. When a dragon swoops down from the skies to attack its enemy, everything in its path is obliterated by fire, and there is no escaping the merciless wrath of its flames. Indeed there is not a warrior who can feel safe when a dragon appears on the scene.

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