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The Fantasy Art of Heroes of Might and Magic V - Inferno / Demons - Units/Troops

Heroes of Might and Magic V is a turn-based strategy video game fully rendered in 3D and the game art features classic fantasy creatures in an epic world setting. The story arc is covered in the original Heroes of Might and Magic V game and two expansions, Hammers of Fate and Tribes of the East. A significant sidestory is explored in greater detail in the first-person fantasy role-playing video game Dark Messiah of Might and Magic. This page shows the in-game creature models of troops/units for the Inferno/demon faction in Heroes of Might and Magic V. The succubi here have sexy hardbodies, a slight deviation from typical demon seducer fantasy artwork which tends to depict them as soft and beautiful, not muscular and toned combatants. As well, they are essentially naked, except no nipples were drawn.

Heroes of Might and Magic V Factions

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Imps are small, weak, but cunning creatures whose strength is in numbers. They possess a Mana Leech skill that can dissipate the magical energy of an enemy hero.

Familiars are like Imps, but with an advanced Mana Channel skill, which allows them to steal magical energy from enemies and deliver it to their masters.

These miserable thieves will steal anything they can at the first opportunity. Vermin especially like to steal mana, which they hide in dark flasks and present to their masters in the hope of receiving a generous reward.

Horned Demon
Horned Demons are slow and sturdy creatures who serve as the basic infantry of the infernal armies. They can withstand great amounts of damage, as their thick hide is hard to penetrate.

Horned Overseer
Horned Overseers are slow and sturdy creatures able to withstand great amounts of damage. These beasts can "implode" in a surge of primal chaos energy, doing great harm to all creatures around them.

Horned Grunt
Horned Grunts inhabit the small islands found in the lava seas in hell. Not being overly fond of 'bathing', they make their way across the molten streams of lava with the help of their phenomenal leaping ability. There is not another creature able to jump as far as the Horned Grunt, and it is a skill that often proves extremely useful in battle.

Hell Hound
Fury drives the Hell Hound to move quickly around the battlefield, striking with great strength and anger. Their rage when fighting is also a weakness, however: Hell Hounds care little for their own safety and leave themselves vulnerable in order to focus all their energy on the attack.

Fury drives the Cerberus to move quickly around the battlefield and strike with great strength and anger, but in its rage it often pays too little heed to its own defense. Cerberus attacks are impossible to defend against, and its three-headed strike can hit multiple enemies.

Firehounds may not be very strong, but they are extremely aggressive. Their three fire-breathing heads makes them worthy of the greatest fear and respect.

A Succubus can create spheres of fire and throw them at her enemies. Any attacking troops must be prepared for a rain of flames if they are going to face a Succubus in battle.

Succubus Mistress
Succubus Mistresses summon spheres of fire and hurl them at their enemies. Their accursed flame does not stop when it hits an enemy, but instead spreads and soon other creatures will find themselves burning.

Succubus Seducer
Despite their truly terrifying appearance, the Succubus Seducers possess a magnificent voice. Listening to even a few of their bewitching words is enough to become helplessly trapped in their power.

Hell Charger
The Hell Charger is a cruel beast summoned from the depths of Sheogh. Horror surrounds this creature, and even the bravest warrior can have difficulty finding strength to raise his weapon when a Charger attacks.

Nightmares are spun from the most twisted visions of the denizens of Ashan. Horror surrounds this creature and even the bravest warriors have difficulty finding the strength to raise their swords when a Nightmare attacks.

Hell Stallion
Coursing through the Hell Stallion's veins is not blood but hellfire. Such is the heat emanating from the body of this equine monstrosity that anyone who goes near it risks being burnt to a crisp.

Pit Fiend
These mighty fiends come from the darkest pits of the underworld to do the bidding of their masters. They are skilled both in close combat and offensive magic that burns or weakens foes.

Pit Lord
These mighty fiends are summoned from the darkest depths of the demonic realms. They are skilled both in close combat and offensive magic. Pit Lords carry a Vorpal Sword, its dark power instantly killing any creature unlucky enough to be struck by it.

Pit Spawn
The Pit Spawn's sword is cast from a band of tempered iron. This weapon provides its wielder with a serpent-like flexibility and alacrity, and in battle it strives to slice and sear as many opponents as it can.

Devils are summoned from their fiery realm to lead the battle under the command of heroes from Sheogh. They can teleport about the field of battle, so enemy can escape their savagery.

Arch Devil
These greater Devils can summon Pit Lords to fight for their cause.

Arch Demon
Arch Demons lead the armies of hell. These colossal and cruel monsters towers over the battlefield, dispatching enemies with their awesome weapons. Not only does the Arch Demon have the ability to appear suddenly in front of the enemy, it also has the power to pull them towards him, making it easier to deliver a fatal blow.

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