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The Fantasy Art of Heroes of Might and Magic V - Scenes from Zehir's Hope

Heroes of Might and Magic V is a turn-based strategy video game fully rendered in 3D and the game art features classic fantasy creatures in an epic world setting. The story arc is covered in the original Heroes of Might and Magic V game and two expansions, Hammers of Fate and Tribes of the East. A significant sidestory is explored in greater detail in the first-person fantasy role-playing video game Dark Messiah of Might and Magic. This page has fantasy art, game scenes, cutscenes, and gameplay movies from the Heroes of Might and Magic V Original Campaign - campaign 6 "The Mage" mission 5.

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When the heroes enter Sheogh, they are first confronted with some strong garrisons that can nevertheless be passed without casualties to the strong forces provided at the start of this mission. Then, all four heroes -- Godric, Findan, Zehir, and Raelag -- must fight Biara, who has a very powerful Infernal Chain attack and who summons strong reinforcements all about the battlefield. Once Biara is defeated, the heroes move on to besiege the Demon Sovereign's fortress.

The assault on the fortress happens in two stages: In the first, the Demon Sovereign gets to soften up the heroes' forces while they assault the magical wall that surrounds his stronghold. This battle has been eased in later patches, not only to look better but to be resolved more easily. Because a hero needs to strike it typically only twice at the most with their catapult, it is useful to actually field some disposable units to survive Kha-Beleth's powerful fire-wave attack. War machines are kaput, but having War Machine skills allows heroes to automatically rebuild them after the battle.

If a hero has a strong trebuchet (as a result of the War Machine skill), he can actually end this battle before it really begins -- as our video for Zehir shows.

Finally, the heroes must again all attack Kha-Beleth in four individual battles. Kha-Beleth starts by summoning strong stacks of units, and in the later battles, summons wide-attack-arc units (cerberi) right in front of the heroes' ranks, devastating them at the very start of the battle.

The videos in the YouTube playlist below were fought at "Normal" game difficulty.

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