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The Fantasy Art of Heroes of Might and Magic V - Sylvan / Wood Elves - Units/Troops

Heroes of Might and Magic V is a turn-based strategy video game fully rendered in 3D and the game art features classic fantasy creatures in an epic world setting. The story arc is covered in the original Heroes of Might and Magic V game and two expansions, Hammers of Fate and Tribes of the East. A significant sidestory is explored in greater detail in the first-person fantasy role-playing video game Dark Messiah of Might and Magic.

This page shows the in-game creature models of troops/units for the Sylvan/wood elf faction in Heroes of Might and Magic V.

The model choices and artwork draws on many fantasy stereotypes for the units, and there is a nod to anime elves (such as of the Lodoss War variety, with their really big ears).

Very early versions of Heroes of Might and Magic V used the typical big-walking-tree model for their treant units, but copyright issues forced this to be withdrawn, and the model was changed to a spindly "tree-ant" model. Fans quickly modded the game to bring back the original model, however, and further modded it later to make a passable model for the third treant type introduced in tribes of the East.

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Pixies are the guardian spirits of the Kersyls, the giants trees that host the Sylvan cities. They live in the trees' branches, tending them in exchange for shelter and sustenance. These creatures are not dedicated to war, but they will defend their home fiercely. Their swift attacks can hit more than one creature, and their small size and speed make retaliation impossible.

Sprites are close relatives of the Pixies who live in the higher branches of the Kersyl trees. Their small size and speed allow them to attack more than one creature and to retreat before retaliation is possible. Also, the Sprites' affinity with the woods is such that they can call upon Nature's powers to cast spells in combat.

In the most impenetrable reaches of Irollan live the Dryads. These secretive creatures rarely make themselves visible to others, choosing instead to devote all of their time to the mighty trees that they serve. With the help of their magic, a gift from nature, the dryads are able to heal any plant. This is why they are so worshipped by the treants, whose wounds are treated by these kind nymphs. Out of gratitude, the trees bless them with the health of the forest.

Blade Dancer
The elite among sylvan warriors dedicate their lives to the intricate Elven martial art known as the Battle Dance. Relying on evasion and quick action rather than resistance or brute force, Blade Dancers wear no armor.

War Dancer
Beyond the rigorous training of the Battle Dance, the best Elven warriors improve their fighting style to extend from their immediate targets and attack all adjacent foes at once.

Wind Dancer
These warriors have been schooled by Irollan's finest swordsmen. They move with a great agility, akin to feathers in the breeze. In battle, the Wind Dancers' swordsmanship is so fast and purposeful that their blade resembles a leaf caught up in a whirlwind, and few are those who can survive the silvery thrust of their weapons.

In times of peace, the Hunters supply the Sylvan communities with food and are respected for their skills and prowess. They wander Irollan, living in harmony with Nature and its unwritten laws. They never kill a living being without purpose. In times of war, however, they have no compunction about using their talents to strike down enemies from afar. Their uncanny affinity with their enchanted elf bow allow them to fire two shots before an enemy can even blink.

Master Hunter
Master Hunters are dedicated to the defense of the woodland realms and rise to protect them from any invader. Special enchantments in their bows and arrows allows them to shoot twice before the enemy even knows they're there, and to ensure that their targets recover slowly from their strike.

Arcane Archer
The menacing sight of the Arcane Archer's magic-imbued arrows will strike fear into any who dare to trespass into the shade of Irollan's oak trees. No suit of armour is thick enough to protect against these enchanted arrows. In fact, they strike with such force that they send their target reeling helplessly backwards.

Druids are the priests of Sylanna, the Elemental Dragon of Earth and living embodiment of Nature. As such they are granted control over the magic of the elements, which they call upon in times of peril.

Druid Elder
Druid Elders have mastered the magic of the elements and have access to the secret knowledge kept by their caste. Linking to their allies as they do to all living things, they are capable of channelling their own mana to a friendly hero.

High Druid
The High Druids of Irollan know all the most important secrets of Elven magic. They are capable of stopping an entire army in its tracks if it should reach as far as the edge of the Great Forest. And their ability to transfer some of their magical powers to the Rangers who lead them can often prove invaluable on the battle field.

The Unicorns are spirits of nature, and as such they are sacred to the Elves. They are considered a totem animal for the whole of Irollan, and it is said that when the last Unicorn dies, so will the Elven kingdom and all its people. While the truth of this legend is not known, the Unicorns' shimmering auras do have the ability to shield their allies from hostile spells.

Silver Unicorn
Powerful allies of the Elves, the Silver Unicorns appear from the heart of the woods to drive away any invaders. Their silvery aura protect friendly troops from enemy magic and their gleaming horns can emit bright flashes of light that can temporarily blind the enemy.

Pristine Unicorn
Pristine Unicorns are rare, even in Irollan. They are found in only one place: On the shores of Sun Crystal Lake. Unlike the other Unicorns, they are not sacred to Sylanna, but to Elrath, Dragon-God of the Light.

Living embodiments of the forest themselves, Treants have left the deep woods at the bidding of the most powerful druids. It is said that when the first Elves ventured into the heart of the primordial forest, they found the Treants there, waiting for them and ready to vow their undying loyalty. Do not be fooled by their awkward gait -- their solid bodies cannot be harmed easily, and any enemy creature fighting Treants will be entangled by their vines, roots, and creepers.

Ancient Treant
The woods themselves have risen to aid the Elves at war. Slow, but sturdy, the oldest Treants can entangle their enemies with their vines, roots, and creepers, and they have the additional ability to dig deep and root themselves, making them ever harder to defeat.

Savage Treant
Savage Treants were born when Brythigga, Mother of the Trees, was burned to ashes. Since then, the Savage Treants are regarded as the incarnation of Irollan's anger and fury. These powerful ancient beings will sweep aside their foe with the force and speed of a landslide.

Green Dragon
The Green Dragons are the offspring and servants of Sylanna, Elemental Dragon of Earth. They have made their home in the forest cliffs and sacred caves of Irollan. These mighty allies of the Elves spit an acid cloud that is capable of harming many creatures with a single strike.

Emerald Dragon
Emerald Dragons are the favoured children of Sylanna, and as such cannot be harmed by Earth Magic. As with their younger siblings, they can breathe a lethal acid cloud to dissolve their enemies back to the ever-hungry soil.

Crystal Dragon
Crystal Dragons are famed for their unpredictability. These elusive creatures always manage to confound their foe during battle, and it is impossible to know what they will do next.

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