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The Fantasy Art of KDXY - Races

KDXY is an MMORPG featuring colourful and cartoony anime-style fantasy game art with a strongly Chinese / oriental theme. It is in Chinese, and there is an English version called Ether Saga Online. This KDXY fantasy game art page has iconic character artwork for each of the three races: The earthly Renzu, the spiritual Shenzu, and the bestial Yaoh. Each character has a mix of skills determined by both race and birthdate.

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The Fantasy Art of Ether Saga Online, the English version of KDXY

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This is the archetypal human race. The Renzu run most of the major cities. They have advanced technology, societies, and political systems.

It is the Human task to collect fragments of the Divine Chalice which were scattered about the world when a clumsy official dropped it.


The Demigod race. These individuals keep mostly to themselves, focusing on spiritual cultivation and reaching higher levels of consciousness.

They have been instructed to capture a certain pig demon who us actually the reincarnation of a powerful yet unruly heavenly general.


Yaoh communities are found in various parts of the land. They were once animals but through advanced spiritual cultivation they were acknowledged by Heaven and granted acceptance as powerful and worthy of respect.

Their goal is to find the Sacred Ark that was discovered missing during the Peachyard Banquet.

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