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The Fantasy Art of Legend: Hand of God

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Legend: Hand of God looks and plays like the also very beautifully illustrated fantasy roleplaying game Titan Quest and other games of its genre, with the exception of its "Cinematic Combat System", which adds more detail and immersion to what is typically boring hack and slash in games of this genre and style. Overall the artwork is beautifully detailed and the animation fluid and smooth.

The game did not appear to gather much popularity, however, and the demo version is no longer available through the official english website. However, the English version of the German website still offers media and links to download the demo.

The Story

The Settlement of the Land of Aris

Thousands of years ago, the ancient people reached the land of Aris. The wild tribes of the Orcs settled in the vast plains of the west bank, the Dwarves dug their cities deep into the mountains of the land, and the Elves wove their magic in the age-old woods of the south and were already there when light and shadow were separated.

The Orcs were a strong and warlike race, so the Elves and Dwarves made an ancient pact to enable them to resist the Orcs. A people lived in the east, about whom nothing much has been written, as they were insignificant in the chronicles of the world. This was the tribe of Men; a weak race with no particular skills or knowledge. They settled along the eastern coasts as farmers and fisherman and lived on the barren land. However, over time, they learned to adapt to the most diverse challenges of life, and could therefore inhabit both the icy north and the deserts of the east...

The March of the Shadow

Kaskaras, the most powerful of the Elf mages, helped the Dwarves open the ancient portal, behind which lurked the Shadow. His enormous pride convinced him that he could control the Shadow and he mocked the warnings of the wise ones. And so it came to pass that the Shadow entered the earth of the world and the Demon hordes overwhelmed Aris and destroyed everything in their path. They slaughtered the leaders of the people and their armies who stood up against the tide of evil.

But control slipped from Kaskaras, and he himself was enslaved by the Demons, serving a despicable warlock of the Shadows. The people, divided and weakened, shrank in the face of the approaching onslaught and all hope seemed lost.

It appeared that the end was near, when the light again had the chance to grow and flourish. The sons of the Men kings, Targon and his younger brother Halgan, who had grown up and had become men in the war, assembled the scattered armies around them and united the armies of Men, Elves and Dwarves. They gradually managed to repel the Demons and each foothold gained on the ground was paid for with the blood of courageous warriors.

In a daring maneuver, Targon pressed forward to the portal with a troop of faithful followers and pushed the Demons back into the Realm of the Shadow, but they did not succeed in sealing up the dark portal again. Targon gathered up all his might and lit the holy flame with the help of the Elven mage and some Dwarf priests; a flame whose fire scorched every Demon who came near it. Thus they were forbidden to ever enter Aris again.

Yet the price of victory was high, and the ancient folk retreated deep into their territories, weakened, and fearing the return of the Shadow, but peace reigned for some time and the Men began to move back into the depopulated areas and settle them.

However, the war was not yet over for Targon. He instructed his faithful commanders to found the Order of the Holy Flame and to build a monastery around the delicate flame, so that it should never be extinguished. Targon himself entered the portal with a group of his finest warriors to destroy the Lord of the Demons once and for all, to restore peace to the land and to avenge his father. His younger brother, Halgan, was to govern the land as a regent until his return.

But Targon never returned. Decades had passed in the land since the great war, and the Regent Halgan still sat on the throne and reigned with an iron hand. Night fell over the monastery of the Order, and a procession was making its way to the small chapel above the monastery. Tonight, a young novice would be ordained as a Keeper and he has yet no idea that the fate of Aris will rest on his shoulders...

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