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The Fantasy Art of Love and Death: Bitten

Love & Death™: Bitten™ is a "gothic fairy tale" hidden object game featuring vampires, a strong heroine, beautiful fantasy artwork, and an excellent story with a plot twist at the very end.

Assorted Fantasy Artwork and Game Locations
Story and Dialogues
Cutscene 1 - Game Intro
Cutscene 2 - Damon and Victoria
Cutscene 3 - Gargoyle Attack
Cutscene 4 - The Witch Discovers Victoria
Cutscene 5 - Game Ending

Bonus Puzzle

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Love & Death: Bitten Strategy Guide

Damon, a dark, handsome vampire cursed by an evil vampire queen, meets Victoria, a curious, young woman determined to save her village. After their chance meeting, each discovers the other can help overcome these dire circumstances.

In Love & Death™: Bitten™, a Hidden Object Adventure, you'll play as Victoria by day and Damon by night, solving unique puzzles, collecting and combining hidden items and unlocking secret passages. Will Damon and Victoria's story end in love... or death?

Love & Death™: Bitten™ is a fantasy hidden object game with an interesting mix of fairy tale and gothic elements, neither overshadowing the other yet both equally evident. The artwork shows both aspects very well in both the game locations and the iconic characters: A dashing and handsome male vampire who is charming and roguish; an evil and hot witch villainess with black hair and horns; and a strong and fiesty heroine in the Disney tradition, beautiful yet slightly tomboyish and with red hair. The game is from the same people who brought you the excellent story in Emerald City Confidential, though Bitten is a much shorter story with faster-paced gameplay.

As the game progresses, scenes are visited by the vampire by night and the heroine by day, and hence reused many times, making for a longer game with less artwork.

The hidden object game scenes are uneven in quality, with some locations having seemingly random items scattered about, while in other locations the scene is mostly devoid of such implausible clutter, and the objects you need to find appear to be part of the original artwork for the scene, rather than objects pasted on (which tends to then stand out because of the difference in artistic style).

The puzzles are generally easy, which may either bore you or please you if you are typically frustrated and have to resort to walkthroughs and "strategy guides". Novel in this game are a couple of sudoku puzzles--not yet commonplace for this game genre at the time this game was released. If you do get stuck, a Strategy Guide is available.

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