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The Fantasy Art of Magic Academy II

The Magic Academy hidden object games are set in a magical fantasy world where going to magic school is apparently commonplace -- And based on when it was released, we can suspect it was meant to capitalize on the then-popular Harry Potter stories of kids in magic school and having adventures. The fantasy game art is in a "romanticized Western medieval" style. This fantasy game art page for Magic Academy II has a slideshow of the miscellaneous fantasy art in the game.

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The Fantasy Art of Magic Academy

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Once again, trouble is brewing in the world of magic! A priceless and ancient treatise, with the power to summon a dangerous and exiled demon, has gone missing! Irene must track the magical book down to clear her sister`s name and become the savior of Tirisfal Fortress. Meet a curious cast of characters, explore gorgeous Hidden Object scenes and travel through a mystical land in Magic Academy II!
  • Beautiful graphics
  • Immersive storyline
  • Big Fish Games blog walkthrough

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