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The Fantasy Art of Marvel Ultimate Alliance - Act 1 Movies

Marvel Ultimate Alliance is a real-time tactical combat game based on Marvel Comics superheroes and supervillains. The storyline pits almost 30 heroes in teams of four against Doctor Doom and the Masters of Evil. The artwork, especially in the detailed environments and interesting maps, are very good although the viewing angle means the most cinematic views are only available during brief cutscenes. Plenty of fantasy / comic book artwork can be unlocked for viewing in-game.

The Fantasy Art of Marvel Ultimate Alliance

Act 1 of Marvel Ultimate Alliance has the heroes assemble to rescue the S.H.I.E.L.D. helicarrier and avert a nuclear disaster. They then turn their attention to discovering and foiling the plans of Doctor Doom and the Masters of Evil. In Act 1 they are led by the nose from one location to another, always a step behind while the Masters of Evil cover their tracks with crises the heores cannot ignore. The heroes are headquartered in Stark Tower, owned by billionaire and superhero Tony Stark. They first fend off the Masters of Evil from Omega Base, protecting its scientific secrets and preventing the mobile research facility from ramming a dam and killing thousands. Next they rush to liberate Atlantis where the Masters of Evil have assisted in staging a coup to keep the heroes busy while they steal an an ancient text. Finally, they pursue the Masters of Evil to the Mandarin's Palace in the Valley of Spirits, only to discover they have been duped yet again while the Masters of Evil further their plans elsewhere.

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