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The Fantasy Art of Marvel Ultimate Alliance - Act 4 Movies

Marvel Ultimate Alliance is a real-time tactical combat game based on Marvel Comics superheroes and supervillains. The storyline pits almost 30 heroes in teams of four against Doctor Doom and the Masters of Evil. The artwork, especially in the detailed environments and interesting maps, are very good although the viewing angle means the most cinematic views are only available during brief cutscenes. Plenty of fantasy / comic book artwork can be unlocked for viewing in-game.

The Fantasy Art of Marvel Ultimate Alliance

In Act 4, we discover that Uatu The Watcher has intervened and rescued the heroes from Doctor Doom as the last possible moment and informs them of a possible way to defeat Doctor Doom. But they will need two extra-terrestrial artifacts. To obtain these items, the superheroes travel to the Shi'ar Empire and thwart a coup against the rightful Empress; and then to the Skrull Empire where they survive the hostile Skrull before stealing a piece of technology from the world-eating Galactus. Act 4 ends in what is probably the most cinematic encounter in the game: Silver Surfer dodging the attacks of the colossal Galactus.

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