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The Fantasy Art of Midnight Mysteries 2: The Salem Witch Trials

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Fantasy game art from Midnight Mysteries: The Edgar Allan Poe Conspiracy

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Fantasy game art from Midnight Mysteries 2: The Salem Witch Trials

Part 1: Contacted by the Author Part 2: The Curse Part 3: The Salem Witch Trial
Part 4: The House of Seven Gables Part 5: Sacred Land Part 6: Finale
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Each game in the Midnight Mysteries hidden object game series picks and author and a selection of their work. The fiction is compared to historical events, and as the game progresses, the persona controlled by the player is sent on a fantastical spiritual journey where they visit various scenes related to the fictional works or historical events; and interact with ghosts and spirits from both. Between the two sources, a theory is put together regarding the mysterious death of the author.

The famed writer Nathaniel Hawthorne has died during a freak snow storm, and his ghost has come to you, asking for help. Travel back and forth in time from the scene of the author's demise to the 17th century, where a town is going mad with rumors of witchcraft and a woman is facing the gallows. Unravel the secrets of Salem's accused witches and solve the death of Hawthorne in Midnight Mysteries: Salem Witch Trials, a fun Hidden Object game. This second title in the Midnight Mysteries series features even more cutscenes and ghostly and supernatural events.

Unlike the previous game in the Midnight Mysteries hidden object game series, Nathaniel Hawthorne does not have a controversial death. This game, however, presents a supernatural explanation for the author's death, tying it to a convoluted mix of historical politics, his ancestry related to the infamous Judge John Hathorne in the Salem Witch Trials, and Native American spirits.

Hawthorne was said to be deeply affected by his ancestors' roles in the Salem Witch Trials, and his novel (featured in this game) "The House of Seven Gables" is said to be related to his feelings of guilt for their actions, which gained them and their descendents land and fortunes. This novel is given a more direct correlation to the Salem Witch Trials in the story presented in this game.

The game features an "unlimited hidden object game" which is unlocked by collecting at least 50 clovers or images of clovers hidden throughout the game's story mode. There are eight scenes in which you are tasked to find over 60 items each. In the slideshow below, we have images of all eight scenes, packed with objects to find.

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