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The Fantasy Art of Mystery Age: The Imperial Staff

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Fantasy game art from Mystery Age: The Imperial Staff

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Fantasy game art from Mystery Age: The Dark Priests

Stop the Chaos God's Dark Priests once and for all! Amber must head back to Westwind Village to put an end to the evil for good! After defeating the Chaos Gods with the help of two shaman in Mystery Age: The Imperial Staff, Amber believed that her adventures were over, but a letter from Sister Martha sends her on an all-new adventure in Mystery Age: The Dark Priests. Scour Hidden Object scenes to save Westwind Village once and for all! (A Strategy Guide / Walkthrough is also available). In the Mystery Age hidden object games, the player / protagonist travels to exotic and fantastical locations to save her village of Westwind and defeat the machinations of the Chaos God. The fantasy art in these hidden object fantasy games is not cluttered with implausibly placed or sized objects solely to make challenging hidden object scenes -- and in this way, this game series is better than most.

Mystery Age 2 - 001

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