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The Fantasy Art of Neopets Puzzle Adventure




Neopets Puzzle Adventure

Appealing to both casual gamers and Neopets fans, Neopets Puzzle Adventure is the only multi-platform puzzle adventure game based on the popular virtual community. For the Neopets fan, Neopets Puzzle Adventure is a must-have game with its intuitive "pick up and play" gameplay, new never-before-seen areas in the Neopets universe to explore and the opportunity to redeem codes for exclusive virtual items at Neopets.com.

Key Features

  • Neopets Puzzle Adventure will generate codes that can be redeemed for unique items on the Neopets.com website
  • Choose and customize one of 12 Neopets to be your central character in the story
  • Travel through four lands of Neopia as you experience an epic story with more than 150 quests in the single-player game
  • "Head-to-Head" multiplayer matches
  • Collect 100 "PetPets" for extra abilities and earn 30 special Awards for completing missions
  • Collect over 100 items, recipes and treasures, many of which can be equipped on your pet to provide useful bonuses

Neopets Puzzle Adventure is yet another role-playing game from Infinite Interactive that uses competitive games to resolve combat. Their early hit title Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords turned the popular match-3 solitaire game into head-to-head combat. When that model became more widespread, showing up in other games, they moved to a different format. Neopets uses a jazzed-up reversi (sometimes called Othello) board game, and the winner is the one who has more points once the game board is full. Bonuses and special board-changing abilities elevate the game from its humble roots to something more dynamic and unpredictable.

The game world of cartoon style fantasy art is essentially made up of anthropomorphic animals on simple backdrops. Players can choose from a selection of Neopets, which can further be lightly customized by choosing a colour. Below are the available types of pets, each showing one of the many colours available.

blumaroo11 gelert12 grarrl13 kacheek14 kougra15 mynci16 ruki11 scorchio12 techo13 usul14 xweetok15 yurble11

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