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The Fantasy Art of Neverwinter Nights 2 - playable Races - Aasimar

Neverwinter Nights 2 is a 3D role-playing game set in the Forgotten Realms. The fantasy game art for creatures closely, if not exactly, matches the Dungeons & Dragons 3rd Edition roleplaying game and some of it was probably simply imported from the previous game, Neverwinter Nights game. This page of fantasy game art from the Neverwinter Nights 2 computer roleplaying game has general information on the aasimar playable race.

The Fantasy Art of Neverwinter Nights 2 Main Page

The Fantasy Art of Neverwinter Nights Main Page

Aasimar, derived from the Mulhorandi word "aasimon," are human-based planetouched, native outsiders that have in their blood some good, otherworldly characteristics. They are often, but not always, descended from angels and other creatures of pure good alignment and while predisposed to good alignments, aasimar are by no means always good. Although their celestial ancestors may be many generations removed, their presence still lingers. Tieflings were once considered the evil-aligned counterparts to the aasimar, although as the years passed, tieflings of all alignments emerged.

m aasimar closeup f aasimar closeup

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