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The Fantasy Art of Ninja Blade - Mission 1 - Start

The Fantasy Art of Ninja Blade

Ninja Blade is a third-person action game involving stylish sword-fighting, extensive use of cinematic sequences, and epic monsters. It plays like an anime with superpowered martial arts and action on an epic scale. The fantasy artwork here is a mix of stylish, modernized ninja juxtaposed on a very medieval/magical look and feel to the weapons. Although the initial action suggests zombie-like adversaries, most monsters and bosses are simply monstrous-looking.

This page of fantasy game art from Ninja Blade has scenes from Mission 1. This exciting and mission quickly sets the epic scope and furious pace of the game, although there are necessary interludes during which the player learns the game controls and nuances of movement.

The story begins in futuristic Tokyo where we see an isolated case of a mutating pestilence spreading. Somehow, in the next few hours, the scope of the crisis will escalate to building-sized monsters that can leap tall buildings in a single bound. Why it slows down and why the city is not evacuated is not clearly explained.

The first interaction we are allowed is in the form of a QTE (QuickTime Event) sequence. This is a scripted sequence of events with mandatory key-presses in between to move on to the next action. On the lowest difficulty ("Foolproof"), you do not actually have to succeed at pressing any key. On slightly higher difficulty levels, there are more keys to press but the key sequence does not change. On the highest difficulty levels, the key sequence is randomized every time. Failure means the action reverses and you must try again -- until you succeed at the entire chain of key-presses.

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