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The Fantasy Art of Ninja Blade - Mission 1 - Boss 1 - Pox Giant

The Fantasy Art of Ninja Blade

Ninja Blade is a third-person action game involving stylish sword-fighting, extensive use of cinematic sequences, and epic monsters. It plays like an anime with superpowered martial arts and action on an epic scale. The fantasy artwork here is a mix of stylish, modernized ninja juxtaposed on a very medieval/magical look and feel to the weapons. Although the initial action suggests zombie-like adversaries, most monsters and bosses are simply monstrous-looking. This page of fantasy game art from Ninja Blade has scenes from Mission 1. Shortly after the game starts, we are introduced to the first boss monster, the relatively tiny Pox Giant. This dangerous opponent is encountered several times, though only truly engaged twice and by the player. The apparent immunity of the monsters to fire, as well as their extensive use of fire, pervades Mission 1. Against this, the player is introduced to his wind shuriken, apparently powered by his ninjutsu techniques.

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