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The Fantasy Art of Perfect World - Class - Cleric / Mystic / Yu Ling

Perfect World is a 3D adventure and fantasy MMORPG with traditional Chinese settings. Players can take on various roles, including swordsmen, magicians, archers, priests and magical creatures. Characters develop skills over time, use magical weapons and team up with other players to fight against monsters and various creatures and to conquer and govern territories. The fantasy artwork feels predominantly oriental, especially the game world and character faces. This Perfect World fantasy game art page has information on the Cleric / Mystic / Yu Ling, one of the two careers available to the Winged Elves / WingKind race.

The Fantasy Art of Perfect World

Perfect World logo

Perfect World

class - Cleric

Mystics are always in demand when it comes to forming a party in Perfect World. Their abilities are not exactly made for attacking. Although a little bit of build experimenting may provide a boost to their damage potential, but their skills would still never be on par with the heavier hitters. However, Mystics are regarded to be one of the more useful character classes as no dungeon raid, territorial war, or PK war would ever survive for long without this class.

Armed with Mystical weapons such as magic swords, short staves, staves, and wheels, Mystics have the power to invoke the powerful skills based on lightning. They can even call upon the heavens to heal, buff, or even resurrect an ally. Most of the Mystics wear Magic Robes to protect themselves, making them incredibly strong against magical based attacks but highly susceptible to physical damage. They also have the feather barrier skill which enables them to be protected from Physical attacks at the cost of mana. Mystics suffer have a low health points which can be compensated by using better equipment.

Against Monsters

Mystics are incredibly strong against wood monsters because most of their attacks are metal based. They can easily kill most any monster because of their ability to restore their health. Mystics can also cast spells and use skills very quickly.

Player versus Player

A Mystic can also be proficient in PvP because they have several disabling skills and debuffs. However due to the nature of their armor, a small mistake could prove to be fatal. For a Mystic to be able to kill someone, they should kill the enemy as fast as possible. The Mystic shines greatest when they provide support for their allies in PvP's.

Territorial Wars

Mystics are severely needed in the battle field because of the sole reason that only they can keep their comrades alive. In some clans, one or two Mystics stay in the base as buffers. Mystic buffs will surely increase the chances of survival in the battle field.

Cleric yu ling the mystic


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