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The Fantasy Art of Perfect World - Races - Winged Elf / WingKind

Perfect World is a 3D adventure and fantasy MMORPG with traditional Chinese settings. Players can take on various roles, including swordsmen, magicians, archers, priests and magical creatures. Characters develop skills over time, use magical weapons and team up with other players to fight against monsters and various creatures and to conquer and govern territories. The fantasy artwork feels predominantly oriental, especially the game world and character faces. This Perfect World fantasy game art page has race information about the Winged Elves. They can be Archers or Clerics. In the asian version of Perfect World, they are the WingKind, and their classes (careers) are called the Archer (Yu Mang) and Mystic (Yu Ling).

The Fantasy Art of Perfect World

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Perfect World

race - Winged Elf

Blessed with the ability to fly, these people are believed to be descendants from the gods themselves. They were born with ear feathers, which allow them to summon wings and soar to the skies. The Wingkind have been blessed with two major skills: They have eyes as sharp as a hawk's, and mastery over the metal element. As descendants of gods, some of them even have the ability to aid their allies in battle. And so we introduce to you, the Yu Mang (Archer) and the Yu Ling (Mystic).

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