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The Fantasy Art of Pirate Island

Navigate buccaneer-infested waters in Pirate Island, a thrilling Match 3 high seas adventure from Sandlot Games!

The Dread Captain Weevil, Scourge of the Seven Seas, has vowed revenge on the Twelve Islands if his golden peg-leg is not returned and it's up to you to collect enough gold to satisfy his demands before he unleashes his, and his skeleton army's, wrath.

  • 12 exciting chapters of high-seas adventure
  • More than 100 levels of increasingly challenging game play
  • 15 Minigames
  • 11 unique trophies awarded for in-game combinations
  • 6 level-altering power-ups

Pirate Island is a match-3 game in a Pirates of the Caribbean style setting, with stereotyped pirates, ships, and ports, and an element of magic. The fantasy artwork is mostly in the background and characters, which we present here uncluttered by the game interface.

Pirate Island was given away FREE by SandLot Games in the week of December 7th, 2009.

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