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The Fantasy Art of Puppet Show: Souls of the Innocent

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Fantasy game art from Puppet Show: Mystery of Joyville

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Fantasy game art from Puppet Show: Souls of the Innocent Collectors Edition


Part 1 - Town

Part 2 - Castle

Part 3 - Collector's Edition Bonus Game

Other Artwork

Background Art

Concept Art


The horror-themed Puppet Show hidden object game series starts with a mystery of disappearing children in Joyville, uncovers murder and horror, and continues after the first episode ends in the insane villain swearing revenge. The fantasy game art involves a lot of twisted looking puppets and characters drawn with a sinister undertone.

Return to the terrifying Puppet Show in this spooky sequel to Mystery of Joyville! A young girl has been asleep for over two days, and the local doctors are at a loss. The townspeople believe her condition to be a curse emanating from a dark magician’s castle in the mountains, so it’s up to you to track down the cause of the curse and save the Souls of the Innocent! Dive into in this dark and mysterious Hidden Object game.

Unlike the previous game, the action starts immediately with a "breath stealing" puppet head that steals the soul of a child. The detective protagonist arrives two days later -- and we find out later that they have just the one day left to save the souls of the children.

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