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The Fantasy Art of Puzzle Chronicles

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Puzzle Chronicles challenges players to plan out strategic attacks in order to defeat their opponents. Order troops across the map, conquering cities through innovative puzzle gameplay. Players build and manage armies led by heroic commanders to save the world of Etheria from the brink of destruction. By matching corresponding gems on the game board, players will both inflict damage on enemy forces while building mana that can be used to perform devastating attacks that will cripple their opponents.

Puzzle Chronicles is another Infinite Interactive fantasy role-playing game game that simulates combat by how well you perform at a competitive tile game. In Puzzle Chronicles, you must out-perform your opponent at a variation of Tetris. As with previous Infinite Interactive titles, the fantasy artwork in the game is good in a cartoony way, the story is great, and the gameplay is horribly flawed.

For example, in Puzzle Chronicles, improving skills can actually cripple your character: If you improve your Wisdom skill too much, you may suddenly not have other vital tiles, such as the ones to actually get a combat advantage or clear tiles from your side of the board. And as in the original Tetris, if you allow tiles to stack so high that new tiles can't fall, you lose.

The gameplay is demanding enough to draw your attention to the board, and as tiles constantly fall, there really isn't any time to take in the parallel animated fantasy combat action above the game board, where you and your opponents attack each other or use powers. The actually-fairly-good animation in Puzzle Chronicles therefore is more or less wasted and a drain on the system for what are already sluggish controls in the combat game.

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