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The Fantasy Art of Samantha Swift and The Mystery from Atlantis

Eskimo Village
Magnetic Island
Geomagnetic North Pole
Museum of Secrets Lost
Nick's Cafe
Canary Islands
Library of Alexandria
Tempestra's Lair

The Fantasy Art of the Samantha Swift Games

Archaeologist Samantha Swift is back in an all-new hidden object adventure that takes her across the globe visiting the lost tribes of Atlantis. Each tribe holds a piece of an ancient artifact that tunes into the Senses, and it's up to Sam to recover them before the relic is used in the evil Markus Payne's latest scheme! Outwit Payne's newest agent, the devious Colonel Tempesta, to ensure Samantha's success in Samantha Swift: Mystery From Atlantis.

On her quests, intrepid young archaeologist Samantha Swift travels around the globe and encounters hidden and fantastic locations. The game action involves finding objects hidden in each scene, followed by solving a puzzle in order to advance further into the story. Most of the fantasy art in the Samantha Swift games is in the exotic locations and the often magical puzzles.

This is Samantha's third adventure in the Samantha Swift hidden object game series, and she reprises her role in her most edgy and cocky persona yet, as seen from her blase attitude toward death and danger in the opening cutscene.

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