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The Fantasy Art of Save Our Spirit

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Lord Longstep has set off on a grand adventure across the globe to save the love of his life, Mary. After a whirlwind honeymoon, a mysterious secret society has kidnapped Mary Longstep for her mystical powers. The DARK society will use these mystical treasures for evil purposes unless stopped! Embark on a turn of the century Hidden Object adventure across the globe in a tale of intrigue and mystery to reunite the star crossed lovers in Save Our Spirit!

Save Our Spirit is a hidden object game with a fast-paced story and more narrative than most other similar games. In terms of fantasy art, there are some locations and interesting jewelry box puzzles to see. Otherwise, the locations littered with hidden objects to find are quite mundane.

For each of the hidden objects to find, you can hover your mouse over the name to see a silhouette of the object. You may find yourself doing this quite often as some of the objects are bafflingly named -- For example, Boxing gloves are "mittens", one of the axes is a "bard", and a round pot with a lid is a "mug". There are signs that this game is simply badly translated.

Story-wise the ending is profoundly disappointing in how it is rushed to an implausible resolution -- You can judge for yourself, as we have included all the journal entries in our screenshot collection of game scenes and artwork below.

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