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The Fantasy Art of Shaolin Mystery - Tale of the Jade Dragon Staff

Fantasy game art from Shaolin Mystery - Tale of the Jade Dragon Staff

Fantasy game art from Shaolin Mystery - Revenge of the Terracotta Warriors

Chapter 1 - A Chance Encounter Chapter 2 - The Road Ahead Chapter 3 - The Ruined Temple Chapter 4 - The Forest of Spirits Chapter 5 - A Dragon's Wisdom Chapter 6 - The Hidden Gate Chapter 7 - The Jade Dragon's Fate

Travel across ancient China and help Yu as she searches for the mythical Jade Dragon Staff. Save your wrongly imprisoned friend in this fun and exciting Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure game, Shaolin Mystery: Tale of the Jade Dragon Staff. Explore fantastic locations, meet monks, speak to spirits, and much more as you embark on this epic adventure through beautiful China.

The Shaolin Mystery hidden object games are fairly typical of the genre, though light on tricky puzzles. The protagonist/player goes through increasingly fantastic realms, and the artwork leans more strongly from historical to fantasy, but retains a strong Oriental flavour.

There isn't a "mystery" per se. Some objects are not accessible until certain tasks have been done, and in this way, the sequence of tasks and the unfolding of the story are essentially linear.

If you are stuck, a comprehensive Strategy Guide (walkthrough) is available.

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