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The Fantasy Art of Spellforce 2 - Shadow Wars and Dragon Storm

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The Fantasy Art of Spellforce

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spellforce 2 Shadow Wars box art

The Story - Shadow Wars

For five years the terrible conflict around the mysterious Shadows sundered the country of the Dark Elves and fanned the flames of a civil war amongst them. Even beyond the borders of their territories unrest prevails: a new power rises in Eo, a threat that seems to spread its shadow over the whole realm and endangers the people's ancient alliances...

Craig Un'Shallach, Dark Elf General and member of the Dracon caste, fights alongside his clan against the influence of the ominous Shadows, but the tide of war turns against him. When defeat seems imminent, his daughter Nightsong escapes in order to warn of the approaching menace.

She flees into the borderlands between the realms of humans and the dark elves to alarm the humans about the pact between Shadows and Dark Elves and of the army of the Shadows, which advances under the guidance of the insane alchemist Sorvina towards the realms of the light!

With this alarming knowledge Nightsong reaches the fortress of the Shaikan, the legendary dragon warriors, bonded by blood with an ancient dragon, feared by the races of light and darkness alike. There she receives the unexpected assistance of a courageous Shaikan who joins her journey to tell the tale of the Shadows and Sorvina and to save his homeland and family.

The most beautiful, perfect and deadly of the Dark Races, the Dark Elves, in league with the mysterious Shadows are threatening to overrun the realm of men! Lead the Avatar and his band of heroes in forging new alliances to face the invasion and save the world of Eo! But soon the Avatar has to discover even more sinister forces at work... Lead your armies in monumental battles and unravel the truth behind this epic story. The burden of ancient blood is heavy; it has fallen on you to carry it...

spellforce 2 Dragon Storm box art

The Story - Dragon Storm

The Decay of Rohens world: After the convocation, the world was shattered and splitted into islands, small remains of land prevented from total destruction by the stones of gods. Rohen, once a powerful mage of the Circle, dedicated his life to linking the remains together with portals. He used the power of the archfire, a dangerous arcane force discovered by the Circle in the ruins of the Shapers. The force which had driven both the Circle and the world to the edge of destruction should have helped him to create a new world. Through the portals, food and water was delivered into the devastated and barren realms, new empires were forged and a rejuvenated Eo began to rise. Rohen even sacrificed his life for that cause.

But he forgot that the powers used were a remnant of the Circle and bound to it. With Hokan Ashir gone, the magic cast by the Circle decayed, and the power of the portals began to crumble. While the beginning of these events was nearly undetected, the aftermath is chaos and devastation, as the inhabitants of the islands try to get into the most fertile realms. Homeless groups are straying around in search of protection, while once glorious empires are teared into chaos. And nowhere emerges a blink of hope to fill the crumbling portals with new power...

However, to resist the impeding doom powerful armies will be required. The dormant alliance of light must be reforged, no easy task for two creatures counted amongst the enemies of Light...

Spellforce 2 is a real-time strategy game (RTS) that also has role-playing game (RPG) elements. It consists of the original campaign, Shadow Wars, and a sequel and expansion, Dragon Storm. The fantasy art features beautifully designed units and armour sets, and cutscenes using in-game resources allow each scene to feature the hero and party with whatever gear has been equipped at the time, rather than using a pre-recorded scene. Although Spellforce 2 has units that appeared in the original Spellforce, the game art and models for many of these have been significantly changed.


  • Innovative new Role-Playing-Strategy Genre
  • Click’n’Fight and Quick-Action-Buttons: The revolutionary control system guarantees instant action, and a wealth of unique tactical possibilities at your fingertips
  • Master an epic quest with a gripping storyline and 60+ hours of game-play and a wealth of sub-quests!
  • Take your pick from a rich variety of skills and spells offering endless combinations for your character

Avatar and Heroes

  • Choose from over 100 original Avatar skills
  • Easy Skill tree system that allows you individual character development
  • Form your band of customizable heroes with their own motives and goals – from powerful elemental mages to necromancer, healers or archers

Living World

  • Enjoy a highly detailed and living fantasy world that adapts to the actions of the player: Fight monsters, gather items, adventure, trade and collect mighty artifacts to use for your battles
  • Experience spectacular landscapes with striking environmental effects, from third person to isometric view

Factions and Races

  • Lead The Realm, The Clans or The Pact to victory, with 12 very different units consisting of infantry, cavalry and flyers
  • Command 10 different races: humans, elves, dwarves, trolls, orcs, barbarians, dark elves, gargoyles, shadows, and (in Dragon Storm) the dragon-blooded shaikan
  • Special unit characteristics like camouflage or berserk
  • Fight against even more AI controlled races such as the dreadful Undead or wild Beastmen
  • Unleash the mighty masters of the battlefield: the powerful Titans


  • Extensive co-operative campaigns for up to three players online or via LAN
  • Experience spectacular mass battles in breath-taking 3D graphics together with your friends
  • Throw yourself into hot multiplayer battles on action-packed maps with up to six players or against the adaptive enemy AI

This Fantasy Art Gallery

In our Spellforce 2 fantasy art galleries, we have combined the game art from both Shadow Wars and Dragon Storm. Our Spellforce 2 fantasy game art galleries do not feature the same zoom and control in Spellforce as the unrestricted camera control that was available through the in-game console in the original Spellforce is not available (or at least not disclosed) in Spellforce 2. The amount of zoom in Spellforce 2 is sharply limited and has a lot of automatic adjustments that make positioning tricky. The first-person perspective cannot be moved from the protagonist, does not have fine adjustments, and is also prone to automatic repositioning by the game.

For now we have limited ourselves to the better screenshots and artwork available instead of poorly angled and presented in-game creatures, buildings, and portraits. With any luck, better camera control features will be incorporated into a future expansion. We have also forced a higher degree of anti-aliasing by letting the video card override application control for that extra bit of superior image quality.

Factions Creatures Shadow Wars Locations Dragon Storm Locations

The Realm:

The Clans:

The Pact:
Dark Elves

The Shaikan:








Special / Unique

the Crater
the Crystal Forest
the Crystal Wastes
Dun Mora
the FireForge
the Gate of Swords
the Iron Fields
the Magnet Stones
the Needle
Rushwater Downs
Song Glass
the Steel Shore
the Tuscari Desert
Uram Gor

the Citadel of the Shapers
the City Ship of the Shapers
King Ulf's Palace
the Misty Coast
the Refuge (Godeland)
the Westguard
Winterlight Peak

Note that King Ulf's Palace is the final mission map for Dragon Storm. Although we have a separate slideshow for the game's touching end scene, you may want to avoid it if you have yet to play Spellforce 2 Platinum.

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