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The Fantasy Art of Spellforce 2 - The Clans - Titan and Buildings

Spellforce 2 is a real-time strategy game (RTS) that also has role-playing game (RPG) elements. It consists of the original campaign, Shadow Wars, and a sequel and expansion, Dragon Storm. The fantasy art features beautifully designed units and armour sets, and cutscenes using in-game resources allow each scene to feature the hero and party with whatever gear has been equipped at the time, rather than using a pre-recorded scene. Although Spellforce 2 has units that appeared in the original Spellforce, the game art and models for many of these have been significantly changed. In general, the factions in SpellForce 2 share a common structure: One main race for which there is a worker unit and two basic troop types; two allied races; and one 'Titan' super-unit. For each of the three races, there are three advanced and often specialized troop types. For the Clans, the races are Orcs, Barbarians, and Trolls. The Spellforce 2 fantasy art on this page has screenshots of this faction's Titan, and some of the basic buildings. Race specific units and buildings are in separate screenshot galleries.

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The Fantasy Art of Spellforce 2

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The Fantasy Art of Spellforce

After the Dark Ones were defeated in the War of the Six Nations, their armies scattered and the survivors founded enclaves all over Fiara. While the Dark Elves founded a new empire called Lar, and the Sharok orcs occupied the large glacier in the North, the orcs and trolls in the East and South of Fiara were less lucky. They had to eke out a meagre existence as small marauding gangs, always fleeing from the Armies of Light.

But then the Iron Lord appeared--The first Orc to unite the wild southern clans under his command. In a long march he led them along the Black Coast, through the grasslands of the Green Sea and up to the Gate of Swords. Among the ruins of former strongholds of the High Elves, he and his followers found shelter.

And there, the Iron Lord met other wanderers: Barbarian tribes that had to flee from their old homelands, the Middle Mountains. Now they wandered among the elf ruins, aimless and leaderless. The Iron Lord brought them the faith in Zarach the blood drinker, and brought them under his banner.

Thus the Iron Lord created a new empire for all the tribes descending from Zarach looking for new homelands. Some of the tribes kept their own names and their leaders, but from then on the banner of the Iron Storm, the largest clan of the South, was attached to their battle standards.

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