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The Fantasy Art of Spellforce 2 - The Realm - Human Units and Buildings

Spellforce 2 is a real-time strategy game (RTS) that also has role-playing game (RPG) elements. It consists of the original campaign, Shadow Wars, and a sequel and expansion, Dragon Storm. The fantasy art features beautifully designed units and armour sets, and cutscenes using in-game resources allow each scene to feature the hero and party with whatever gear has been equipped at the time, rather than using a pre-recorded scene. Although Spellforce 2 has units that appeared in the original Spellforce, the game art and models for many of these have been significantly changed. In general, the factions in SpellForce 2 share a common structure: One main race for which there is a worker unit and two basic troop types; two allied races; and one 'Titan' super-unit. For each of the three races, there are three advanced and often specialized troop types. For the Realm, the races are Humans, Elves, and Dwarves. This Spellforce 2 fantasy art gallery has screenshots of Human units and buildings.

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The Fantasy Art of Spellforce 2

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The Fantasy Art of Spellforce

After the end of the Rune Wars that led to the final destruction of the Circle, for the first time order seemed to return to the old kingdoms. While the five royal lines still fight for power in Nortander, the human kingdom of Highmark in the South already has a new sovereign. Despite the harsh conditions after the Convocation, the new kingdom is thriving, but at the same time it has to defend its wealth against the Iron Storm Clans and the Dark Elves from Lar. Even with their proud castles and well-armed knights, the Highmark has to remind their allies of the old bond of the Peoples of the Light if it wants to stand fast against these enemies.

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