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The Fantasy Art of Spellforce 2 - The Shaikan - Shaikan Human Units and Buildings

Spellforce 2 is a real-time strategy game (RTS) that also has role-playing game (RPG) elements. It consists of the original campaign, Shadow Wars, and a sequel and expansion, Dragon Storm. The fantasy art features beautifully designed units and armour sets, and cutscenes using in-game resources allow each scene to feature the hero and party with whatever gear has been equipped at the time, rather than using a pre-recorded scene. Although Spellforce 2 has units that appeared in the original Spellforce, the game art and models for many of these have been significantly changed. In general, the factions in SpellForce 2 share a common structure: One main race for which there is a worker unit and two basic troop types; two allied races; and one 'Titan' super-unit. For each of the three races, there are three advanced and often specialized troop types. For the Shaikan, the races are the Shaikan themselves (dragon-blooded humans with many special powers), Blades, and Dragons (referred in the PDF manual as Drakelings). This Spellforce 2 fantasy art gallery has screenshots of Shaikan-human units and buildings.

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The Fantasy Art of Spellforce 2

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The Fantasy Art of Spellforce

Created by a mad alchemist's ambitions for power, the Shaikan have become their own people, small in number but proud and able to defend themselves. They are humans in whose veins the blood of dragons flows, containing the germ of life and granting them extraordinary powers. Under the dragon banner, they fight for their future, and even if they are few in number, every one of them is a master of the martial arts.

In bits we learn the history of the Shaikan in Spellforce 2: Shadow Wars -- The alchemist Malacay created this race, and when it threatened to take over the world, the gods intervened. With his dying breath, Malacay escaped his soul into the dragon-blood of the Shaikan.

Shaikan Human units are special in that they can have additional special abilities through 'training' buildings. Only new units receive training, and for each unit, only one type of training can be applied at any one time. To choose or change a training regimen, resources must be paid.

Trained units mostly use the same model, but have additional special effects on their weapons. Only the Blademaster uses a slightly different unit--Their 'shield' training trades their two-bladed combat staff for a sword and shield.

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