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The Fantasy Art of Spellforce - Elves

Spellforce is a real-time strategy game (RTS) that also has role-playing game (RPG) elements. Three related stories are told by the original game, The Order of Dawn, and two expansions (Breath of Winter and Shadow of the Phoenix). In our Spellforce fantasy art galleries, we have combined the game art from all three games. For our screenshots, we used console cheats to release the camera from the usual in-game restrictions. The elves in Spellforce are not only female, but the only female units among the six playable races. Like elves in almost every fantasy setting, they are foresters, and this is reinforced in Spellforce by their reliance on wood for their buildings and their ability to forests faster than they can clearcut. Spellforce game art also gives the elves the most elegant buildings with the many delicate features.
Late in the Order of Dawn campaign, and throughout the Breath of Winter expansion, we also see Ice Elves, which were basically recoloured models. At the end of the Breath of Winter, we are also introduced to the unique Cenwen queen-of-the-elves model.

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