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The Fantasy Art of Spellforce - Portraits

Spellforce is a real-time strategy game (RTS) that also has role-playing game (RPG) elements. Three related stories are told by the original game, The Order of Dawn, and two expansions (Breath of Winter and Shadow of the Phoenix). In our Spellforce fantasy art galleries, we have combined the game art from all three games. For our screenshots, we used console cheats to release the camera from the usual in-game restrictions. On this page are slideshows of male and female characters in Spellforce. Humans use the same set of face choices, so after a while they will start to look somewhat the same except for the arms and armour they wear. Overall the game art for equipment is quite good and has a lot of variety without any pieces being too outlandish. A few outfits are quite risque, but in general they are very tame and modest compared to other contemporary fantasy art (which tends to show a lot of skin, especially on women).

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