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Fantasy Art - Dragon Art Galleries

This page lists all fantasy game art galleries with dragon artwork.

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water dragon from 4 Elements book of water Big Fish Games large icon for 4 Elements In the hidden object game 4 Elements, you restore four books of magic, each featuring beautifully illustrated images of fantasy creatures. The four books mirror each other in that there are corresponding entries in each book. For example, each of the four books contains one type of dragon, and a short introduction to the creature.
high dragon 11 Dragon Age: Origins has dragons in various stages of maturity, from dragonlings to the fully mature High Dragon. We also have a video showing how dangerous and vicious dragons can be in combat.
dragon 09 The finale of Dungeons and Dragons: Daggerdale involves clambering over a flying dragon and stabbing it in the eye.
Talon (in reliquary) 14 Dungeon Siege II is a fantasy roleplaying game that strove to be different, and did not have the usual assortment of dragons and orcs and tree-hugging fairies. Still, there were concessions to fantasy favourites, and the one dragon encounter was a highlight of the game, fought over two challenging battles.
Another time dragons were sighted in Dungeon Siege II was at the very start of the game, in the opening movie of a flying convoy. You can view that movie on this page of Dungeon Siege II cutscenes.

The original Dungeon Siege featured more dragons, but the one big 'true' dragon was a static creature that did not leave its lair. You can see a video of the drawn-out battle with that boss here (second movie in the playlist, titled 'Dark Dragon').
Shadow Dragon The Dungeon and Sylvan factions in Heroes of Might and Magic V have dragons as their most powerful army troops. The Necropolis faction has undead dragons. The dwarven Fortress faction has upright-standing wingless dragons. The orc Stronghold faction has dragon-like wyverns.
Earlier versions of Heroes of Might and Magic also have dragons, especially Heroes of Might and Magic III, which featured an expansion with several types of dragon adversaries. The artwork, however, is inferior for these much older games made for a time when graphics processing was not as powerful. You can explore them through these links: Heroes of Might and Magic III: Dungeon faction, Necropolis faction, Rampart faction, creatures not part of any faction; Heroes of Might and Magic IV: Chaos faction, Death faction, Nature faction.
The Heroes of Might and Magic IV Order faction features a mechanical dragon.
Urgost 012 The Lord of the Rings: War in the North has just one big dragon, but excellent depiction and animation. The dragon Urgost appears in Mirkwood and in the epilogue at Carn Dûm, but the chief encounter with it is at its lair in the Gray Mountains.
prismatic dragon_portrait Neverwinter Nights has several dragon portraits and models, but the quality of the artwork varies a lot in the game. In general, character portraits were very well done, but creature portraits less so. In fact, some of the portraits look suspiciously like superior renders of 3D models; others are re-colorings of the same piece. Some few are actual unique pieces of artwork, like the Prismatic Dragon in the thumbnail on the left.
The artistic style follows very closely, if not identically, to Dungeons & Dragons 3rd Edition art direction--Not surprisingly, as the game itself was meant to very closely follow the Dungeons & Dragons pen-and-paper tabletop roleplaying game.
gold dragon Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords is a match-3 game that has no animation per se, but instead uses static images and voice bubbles for their 'cutscenes'. The game features a number of generic fantasy stereotypes, including a few dragons, such as the friendly-looking gold dragon in the thumbnail on the left.
Dragon Fyrmir 3 Spellforce Spellforce features two nicely rendered dragons: Fyrmir, who appears in The Order of Dawn (and the thumbnail on the left), and Aryn, the final boss monster in the Breath of Winter expansion. Aryn also appears in official wallpapers from Spellforce and some high-quality renders.
crystal drake 7 The Shaikan faction introduced in the Spellforce 2 expansion Dragon Storm has a number of dragon troops. Their Titan and Fire Dragon units are fairly standard fare, but the Wyrm (pictured on the left) and Crystal Drakes are quite exotic. Poor camera control makes taking good screenshots tricky, however.
Dragon plot characters also appear in both games, but unfortunately there is only one model for them all, recoloured to distinguish the dragons from each other.

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