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Fantasy Art - Sexy Women Art Galleries

This page lists all fantasy game art galleries with sexy women artwork.

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beast trainer from atlantica online Atlantica Online logo 2 Atlantica Online is a free-to-play massively multiplayer online role-playing game with gorgeous concept art. Be sure to also check out the portraits for more women fantasy art.
Almalexia from Morrowind Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind is a dated game that had horrible graphics -- but extensively modded to look gorgeous. If not for mods, there wouldn't really be anything to see. For sexy warrior women, you'll definitely want to take a look at the goddess Almalexia and the Golden Saint.
a goddess from the Apachii Goddess Store mod Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion is an old game that continues to be modded extensively, especially to improve graphic quality as computers catch up in computing power. The fuzzy graphics and good character models have been updated to look sharp and sexy. The best galleries for hot, deadly, babes are probably The Apachii Goddess Store and Hentai Mania.
Plate of the Valor from Hentai Mania 1 Another excellent source of sexy (and deadly) babes in Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion is the Hentai Mania mod, which replaces the adversaries in various caves and ruins with stylishly clad hotties..
Eruina from Heroes of Might and Magic 5 Dungeon faction The sexiest women in Heroes of Might and Magic V are the Dark Elves. The dark elf heroes (best viewed from the DGA Card Game set) have a very varied look, but overall show a lot of skin compared to their counterparts in the other factions. Kythra, in particular, sports nothing more than a belt over her boobs! The women of the Dark Elf troops of the Dungeon faction are, perhaps contrary to expectation, not particularly buxom -- And understandably as it's impractical to fight and run with D-cups but no sports bra!
The shamans of the Stronghold faction are also a sexy lot, especially the heroine Kujin, who wears little more than jewelry for a top. You can see her in the first movie on this page, addressing her tribe (remember to watch in High Quality).
Finally, the seductive succubi of the Inferno faction deserve special mention. Except for having visible nipples, they could be considered stark naked. You're unlikely to notice the hooves, so let me mention them here.
Cleric Perfect World logo Perfect World is a MMORPG with a strong asian/oriental flavour. The official promotional artwork includes a number of gorgeous and sexy women, especially the alluring assassin and the fun and sexy summoners/venomancers that are usually depicted in a furry-anime style.
"Panther Stretching" Second Life really isn't a "game" per se, unless you count any fooling around in a virtual world to be a game. That said, in the fantasy world of Second Life, it seems everyone is beautiful, if not outright hot. And why not, for a virtual life you create? The sample on the left is one of the generous contributions from the very talented Kim Dench.
Shaiya dark goddess shaiya logo on white background The best portraits in the MMORPG Shaiya are the beautifully rendered goddesses. Evil goddesses are, of course, hotter.
druid from Spellforce 2 Poor camera control available in Spellforce 2 prevent us from getting exactly the shots we'd like from Spellforce 2 female troops, but the interesting costumes on the Elves and Dark Elves are still worth a look. There is a gratuitous amount of bare ass between the female units of these two races.
As for the other women, although in general very chastely clad, they use the same torso model and as a result, young or old, they are without exception generously buxom--Everyone has a hot hardbody in Spellforce 2 (and oversized hands, unfortunately).
TQIT-070b-06 The various suits of armour and clothing in Titan Quest really do look better on the female model; in fact, the various robes and other mage-gear look slightly ridiculous on the brawny Greek male. Also, there is a surprising amount of bare thigh going around, on even the heavier armour sets.

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