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Fantasy Art - Women Art Galleries

This page lists all fantasy game art galleries with artwork of women.

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Games with Women Fantasy Art
MQ-RH_1600x1200 Artix Entertainment uses an anime-style fantasy artwork (and babes!) in their free-to-play online flash-based role-playing games, which include Adventure Quest, Adventure Quest Worlds, Dragon Fable, Mech Quest, and Warp Force.
shaman from atlantica online Atlantica Online logo 2 Atlantica Online is a free-to-play online role-playing game with gorgeous concept art. Be sure to also check out the official wallpapers for more beautiful women fantasy art.
Viconia portrait from Baldur's Gate 2 The Baldur's Gate role-playing game series is based on the Infinity Engine, which uses rather small in-game models, and very beautifully illustrated portraits to represent key characters encountered. Interestingly, the set of original Baldur's Gate portraits were retouched to a lighter-coloured palette for Baldur's Gate II (and new portraits added for that sequel).
Snowbrook Haven Silver Plate and Legionnaire Sword Our art gallery includes a collection of over one hundred pictures of Dungeon Siege II characters, looking heroic in full combat gear. No nudity in this generally chaste game with a teen rating, although there is some fan service in the expansion, Broken World.
Golden Saint Our extensive gallery for Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind includes hundreds of pictures of armed and armoured characters, divided into suits of Light, Medium, and Heavy armour. For each picture, especially where the armour differed for male and female models, we have one male and one female model for each suit of armor featured.
For fantasy art women, two "creatures" are of particular interest: The Golden Saint (featured on the left) and the goddess Almalexia.
a goddess from the Apachii Goddess Store mod Our gallery for Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion includes very few "vanilla" Oblivion pictures, and instead has screenshots from an heavily modded game. The best galleries for gorgeous women are probably The Apachii Goddess Store and Hentai Mania. We also have hundreds of women in an array of outfits from a mix of mods.
Freyda Heroes of Might and Magic III, IV, and V all have hero headshots, and the artwork improved steadily from one sequel to the next. The best artwork for heroes in the game, however, can be had from the Heroes of Might and Magic V hero cards from DGA Games. The heroes pictured here have more than just headshots, but also generally full-upper body and a backdrop appropriate to their faction. Female knights of the Haven faction, and female wizards of the Academy faction, are generally fully clothed and very feminine. Only the heroines of the Dark Elves really qualify as sexy.
For full-body portraits, there are a few 3D models for plot-critical heroes, which we have grouped with the faction units. Most heroes, however, did not receive such individual attention, and used a generic model for their faction. Chaste-looking heroines are mostly likely found with the heavily armored Haven faction.
Holly in a pink princess dress In the hidden object game Holly: A Christmas Tale, mild-mannered housewife Holly starts out normally enough, but quickly gets drawn into helping Santa and his elves, and saving Christmas. In the process, she trades her stylish casual wear for a pink princess-style dress.
human female wizard portrait from Icewind Dale The Icewind Dale role-playing game series is based on the Infinity Engine, which uses rather small in-game models, and very beautifully illustrated portraits to represent key characters encountered. They tried to present male and female choices for each race and profession combination, which made for a versatile set of portraits.
hot vampire witch in Love and Death: Bitten The hidden object game Love and Death: Bitten features a beautiful female heroine lead character and a hot vampire witch villainess, both vying for the dashingly handsome male vampire lead.
female protagonist of Magic Encyclopedia 2 The hidden object game Magic Encyclopedia 2: Moon Light features a protagonist who is clearly a knock-off of Hermione Granger in the movie version of the early Harry Potter books.
lady van tassel from Mystery Legends: Sleepy Hollow The hidden object game Mystery Legends: Sleepy Hollow features various personalities from the Sleepy Hollow legend. The alluring women here beautifully illustrated here are Lady van Tassel, Katrina van Tassel, Lady Marie, and Mistress Rowena.
human female portrait number 24 from Neverwinter Nights Neverwinter Nights has hundreds of portraits for the many characters that might be encountered in the course of their official campaign. Because of the variety, however, the collection can look haphazard. Further, style and quality varies quite a bit.
The largest collections of women portraits are for humans and elves (and dark elves), at over 40 female portraits in each portfolio. There are also portraits for dwarves, halflings, and gnomes (that occasionally look like pictures of children); and a handful of orcs.
class - Archer Perfect World logo Perfect World is a MMORPG with a strong asian/oriental flavour. The official promotional artwork includes a number of gorgeous women, especially the archer and the wizard.
female Warrior 2 from Puzzle Quest Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords is a match-3 game with an anime style to its artwork that is quite generic-looking as far as fantasy anime goes. The portfolio is small, but has a wide variety of characters that can pass for the classic fighter / cleric / mage / thief stereotypes.
2933_Zou Shi_1 Romance of the Three Kingdoms XI is probably the source for Chinese or oriental portraits and costumes. Although this game has almost 1,000 character portraits, only about 10% are women, and of these, less than half are clearly dressed as warriors. There is also a certain same-ness to the faces.
Princess Autumn from the Season Match game Everyone in the Season Match match-3 games has some sort of seasonal affiliation, and the princessess (who don't look like stereotyped princesses) in this game are no exception. Season Match 2 also has strong oriental influences. Each woman is very distinct in dress and mien.
Pathfinder 3 by Kim Dench on Flickr Second Life really isn't a "game" per se, unless you count any fooling around in a virtual world to be a game. There is an astonishing amount of photography and subsequent photomanipulation going on there, and we have only touched on the surface with our Second Life fantasy art gallery.
The sample on the left is one of the many generous contributions from the very talented Kim Dench.
female human from shaiya shaiya logo on white background The best portraits from the MMORPG Shaiya are the beautifully rendered goddesses, but the others are worth checking out as well for the quality of the renders.
Derwish from Spellforce: Shadow of the Phoenix Our gallery for Spellforce features a number of heroes and regular citizens in different types of dress. Spellforce does not have any civilian clothes per se, and in cities, even common citizens will be clad in armor or spellcasters' robes.
To see just a selection of faces, we have a gallery of all the facial choices available to for players. This is the same set that is used throughout the game for all human characters encountered.
The only female troops in the game belong to the all-female Elven faction (including the non-playable ice elves in the Breath of Winter expansion); and much later in the Shadow of the Phoenix expansion among enemy forces as Derwishes (pictured on the left) and Flamedancers.
Many games typically features sensual dark elven females -- But not in Spellforce. They do make an appearance in Spellforce 2, however.
Nightsong model render from Spellforce 2 Although the women in Spellforce 2 are in general very chastely clad (and unlike Spellforce, have civilian clothes, though often very ornately embroidered), they use the same torso model--as a result, young or old, they are without exception impressively buxom. Troops are a more varied lot, more evenly distributed than in Spellforce; and except for the heavily armoured Shaikan, show a gratuitous amount of skin and bare ass.
You can browse women fantasy art in Spellforce 2 from our screenshots of characters in-game, character face choices, and model renders.
TQIT-055-08 Like our Morrowind gallery, we have both male and female heroes modelling the same armor sets for our Titan Quest gallery. There is very little difference between the male and female armor, and often the male heroes look girly or ridiculous in some of the robes, which tend to show off a lot of skin on female heroes.
Petra Gale from Tradewinds Classic There are two female characters in Tradewinds Classic, and you get just headshots. It is not until Tradewinds 2 and beyond that the choices really explode.
Christine McGowan from Tradewinds 2 There are only a handful of unique portraits for the story characters in Tradewinds 2 (like Christine McGowan, pictured on the left), but a seemingly infinite number of possible portraits that can be generated by the random character generator. Portraits can be customized by changing various settings such as race, caste, or wealth.
Rihana from Tradewinds Legends Like Tradewinds 2, Tradewinds Legends features a few unique portraits (like Rihana, pictured on the left) and an endless parade of randomly generated ones. The generator is simplified slightly, with such details and eyes and nose and mouth choices removed. The overall flavour is mythical "Arabian Nights".
young female character portrait from Tradewinds Caravans Tradewinds Caravans drops the random character portrait generator used in previous Tradewinds games, and instead has a large set of very well-done portraits. Random selections from these are used to illustrate various characters encountered in the game, with a few plot characters receiving specific portraits.
The overall style is more cartoony for the plot characters, and more realistic for the stock portraits, which appear to have been based off real photographs of people. In fact, several portraits have a decidedly caucasian look that is out of place for the "Silk Road" setting.
female greek medium randomly generated character from Tradewinds Odyssey Tradewinds Odyssey returns to the random character generator, this time for a Mediterranean to Middle Eastern setting. There are still a few unique portraits for special characters, but even these seem to draw from the same stock as random characters, and the difference isn't always very marked.
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