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The Fantasy Art of The Bard's Tale


Buying the Dun Ailinne Treasure Map
The Chosen Ones
Conjurations - Attack
Conjurations - Defense
Conjurations - Elemental
Conjurations - Utility
Crazy Thorvald's
The Danse Macabre
Decluttering Service
The Ego Sword
Finstown Store
First Quest
Haggis in Stromness
The Houton Cairn Bugbear
Interference from the Spirit World
Jamming at the Aiken Drum
Kirkwall Cursed
Lever on the Wrong Side
Olav's Tale
Pet Dog
Shadow Axe
Unlikely Treasure
Ending - Advice
Endings - Choose Fionnaoch
Ending - Walk Away
Endings - Choose Caleigh

Concept Art

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  • The Bard's Tale is the modern interpretation of the original Bard's Tale, the grandfather of all role-playing games, by its original producer - Brian Fargo.
  • A new generation third-person, action/role-playing game featuring wicked humor and clever personality.
  • Forget the quest to save the world, our hero is interested in just two thingsÂ…coin and cleavage. Play the role of the Bard as he gets swept up in a harrowing adventure that proves too much for countless chosen one but hopefully not for you.
  • Use the Snarky/Nice conversation to pick the tone... be an ass or show some class. Your attitude will affect the events that unfold and create a personailized experience for each player.
  • Develop your combat party by summoning a group of eccentrics and misfits to do your bidding - sixteen summoned creatures in all.
  • Brilliant graphics and bustling environments, alive with interactive townsfolk, original music (with singing), birds, animals, rustling trees, waving grass and trickling water, that immerse the player deep into the Bard's world.
  • Based on the storied land of the Orkney Islands off the coast of Scotland - the inspiration for the classic fantasy worlds.
  • Fantasy role-playing game enthusiasts will get the most out of this game, with its many allusions to both computer and pen-and-paper roleplaying games, such as the Magic Mouths (a nod to the very early Dungeons & Dragons Basic Set and the introductory solo adventure) and many cliche scenes.

The Bard's Tale is a fantasy computer role-playing game where the protagonist is a bard -- a type of adventurer-minstrel -- with a quintessential "rogue" stereotype and set in a Gaelic world. The game art is period and geographically appropriate, and characters are a mix of realistic and caricatured. The monsters are quite non-standard (no orcs and goblins, for a change) though not with art so outlandish as to make them look alien.

The game is played with a virtually top-down view, which makes looking at the scenery tricky. This restriction is often relaxed during dialogues and cutscenes, so our gallery consists mostly of interesting scenes and movies.

Note that the slowdown from having a movie-capture program means the scenes from the movies in this gallery animate slowly although the voiceovers and music sound normal. This can result in voiceovers finishing before animations.

During the game, donating to priests can result in the "unlocking" of "extras", which are either short movies of concept art, or karaoke presentations of various songs. We have compiled all the concept art into a playlist.

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